Grammar Chic Helps Educators Shift Out of the Classroom and Into the Corporate World

Grammar Chic Helps Educators Shift Out of the Classroom and Into the Corporate World
There are a plethora of job opportunities available that align with the skills of teachers, and Grammar Chic helps educators revamp their resumes to make the most of these openings.

Teaching is a tough business. Not only are there national and state standards to meet, there are also expectations from administration, parents, and students to keep in check. It’s no wonder more educators are leaving the profession and seeking other opportunities. Grammar Chic supports educators in crafting resumes that highlight transferable skills and make this transition a little easier.

“Many teachers feel pigeon-holed in their careers and wonder what they can do outside of the classroom,” says Amanda Clark, CEO of Grammar Chic. “Fortunately, their training and experience has equipped them with a multitude of transferable skills that can make them an excellent fit in the corporate world. It’s just a matter of presenting themselves effectively and finding the right fit.”

Summer is an ideal time for educators to revamp their resumes for a career change, says Clark. Since school is out, they have more free time for job searching and interviewing. It is easier to schedule meetings during the day because they’re not confined to a classroom, and they can take the time to explore different opportunities and really decide what they want to do.

“Spend time reading through job descriptions and consider your skills from a different perspective,” says Clark. “Teachers are often excellent communicators and problem solvers because they spend all day working with students of varying ability levels. They’re able to have difficult conversations because they do it with parents all the time. They can quickly adapt their messaging depending on whom they’re talking to.”

In addition, educators are exceptional planners and problem solvers. They write and adapt lesson plans daily, often adjusting them on the fly. This can align well with roles that require project management or strategic planning skills. Corporate training may also be a good fit because it applies teaching in a different way, focusing on professional development for adults.

“Furthermore, teachers can make great leaders because they’re used to leading teams, working together with others, delegating tasks, and adhering to deadlines,” notes Clark. “Job-specific skills can be learned, but educators already have many of the soft skills required. You just have to make an employer see how your background and experience fits.”

Now is the time for educators to update their resumes and pursue a career change – or at least explore new opportunities. Without the demands of teaching dominating their time, they can focus on positioning themselves in a different light and figuring out what types of positions interest them. It’s also a good time to volunteer, learn new skills (or put existing skills to use in a different way), and build new connections.

Grammar Chic helps job seekers of all ages, experience levels, and backgrounds to create compelling resumes aligned with their goals. If you’re ready to transition out of teaching and see what the corporate world has to offer, contact Grammar Chic today at (803) 831-7444 or [email protected] to schedule a consultation and revamp your resume.


Grammar Chic is a comprehensive professional resume writing service that specializes in helping job seekers boost their appearance in the job market. This company offers in-depth consultation allowing candidates to explore their job history and skill sets. With a series of services—from entry-level to senior management resume packages—Grammar Chic can provide the level of insight needed to ensure clients come out with a clean, polished and appealing resume.

Those looking for resume and cover letter assistance are invited to contact Grammar Chic at (803) 831-7444 and tune into Twitter and Facebook for updates.

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