Mirux original soundtrack album to be released this week across USA, Europe. Mirux, highest world discovery 2019 so far.

Los Angeles – 3rd July, 2019 – Passing by the west coast of the United States through the different hype scene of the music new season, a talented French rapper name is coming across the industry, promising and followed talent who actually starts to pack American vibes: Mirux. 

Mirux is a young artist from Paris suburbs, Garges les Gonesse (Val d’Oise in France) very inspired, self-taught and independent who stops at nothing to achieve his goals.

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An artist singer passionate and commited

Mirux, from his real name Samir, has been a fan of Hip Hop music since a very young age with a specific liking for latino rhythms. He is a committed rapper who denounces in his texts the precariousness in the French suburbs thus destining few young people to survive using illicit ways, it is what he talks about for example in his songs “Pesos” and “Traficanté”. He also denounces, without concession, in his title “Capitaine America” ​​the two-speed justice that is upon this youth, as well as the way their dreams are broken. “Capitaine America” ​​will also be available on July 4, 2019 on music streaming platforms. The date was choosen in reference of the Independence Day. Even though he comes from a disadvantaged background, Mirux refuses the fatality and decides to realize his dreams. He is to this day the author of a beautiful discography, produced entirely in a professional musical studio located in Gonesse (Val d’Oise in France), that he himself created and open to all the passionate who wish, follow in his footsteps by recording their interpretations. Thus, he distributes his music, through his own label, on music streaming platforms and gives the impetus to the young people around him to do the same! 

Author, producer independent director and self-taugh

Dynamic with a head full of ideas, Mirux does not stop there. Mirux has also been thinking of the implementation of a number of fiction for a few years now. He realizes this project by launching on his YouTube channel “Le Carré” a mini web-series of the same name. The first episode aired on October 19, 2018, counts more than a million views to date. Fascinating when we know that the serie has not benefited from any promotion, except the strength of sharing on the social networks of the artist and his family, those he calls “the team”, and no financial assistance. Just hard work and passion! Mirux is the author, director and producer of this serie; he even pushes it further by interpreting the BO of “Le Carré”. Mirux has learned everything alone, he is a true self-taught and he manages to hold this entire project with a master hand! On the social networks and on the dedicated channel, the fans of the series claim longer episodes a faster broadcast. The quality of the web-series and the plot thus making them forget the totally independent aspect of the project is all the inherent constraints.

Regular support often says that the series should be broadcasted on a larger scale through a famous dynamic content provider, and even requests a feature film! Mirux is accomplished in his creations, he is a generous artist who, whatever he does, wishes to take advantage of it to push his relatives, as well as the young people, who, like him, come from the difficult suburbs, in his achievements. Thus, in “Le Carré” a large majority of the actors who followed him in the adventure are part of his sphere of friends, thus revealing previously unseen talents. This small series has created a craze, to the point where characters from the four corners of France, wanted to join the adventure, creating a winning synergy, a welded group and unforgettable encounters.
Mirux now wants to reiterate the experience by staging one of his other ideas, this time for a public and with a more feminine cast, the project should see the light this summer on a new YouTube channel created especially for the new chronicle…. 

To conclude, Mirux is a young, ingenious, enterprising, petulant artist who does not intend to leave any of his ambitions on the side of the road. With a strong personality and a frank spoken mindset, we perceive through his green eyes his rage to succeed. A young man to follow very closely because he appears as the revelation of the French scene in the United States. On the side of LA, it seems that some figures of the American scene would already like to contact him for an upcoming collaboration.

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