Carnomic: Revolutionizing Auto Marketing with Blockchain

SINGAPORE – JULY 3, 2019 – Every day, large companies, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, make millions by selling your data. Carnomic is providing a new paradigm where that money can go straight to the user with Blockchain and cryptocurrency to incentivize the process. The app is in beta testing right now and will open to the public soon.

A user simply registers their information and starts interacting with others on the Carnomic app. That information can then sold to auto manufacturers, dealers, and other car related companies. The user is then paid for their data.

When the internet was created, the goal was to give everyone a level playing field and open up information to all. Soon, ideas that started as ways for people to communicate were turned into ways to gather information on everyone and sell that information to major corporations.

Carnomic changes that structure. Rather than selling car owners’ data and keeping the money for the platform, the profit for the sale of information goes to the person whom the information is about.

“It’s our information,” said Periklis Kalaitzis, the CEO of Carnomic. “If that information is sold to auto manufacturers or dealers, we, the people, should get paid. That’s why we created Carnomic. It democratizes big data in the automotive industry. It rewards the owners for the use of their own data.”

Carnomic tokens, or CARM, can be used by the users to play games, exchange for fiat currency, buy products and services, and more.

“With the Carnomic public release, we expect to see this platform explode,” Kalaitzis said. “Car enthusiasts and even hobbyists will love the interactive aspects and auto manufacturers and dealers will have much more access to this great subculture!”

About Carnomic:

Carnomic is a Blockchain platform designed for automobile owners and lovers to register their data and to be rewarded when that data is purchased. Automobile manufacturers and dealers can purchase a users data for marketing purposes. Carnomic is based in Singapore, if you would like to learn more please visit

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