Dough Coach making baking fun and exciting with Sourdough Bread Beginner Kit

Innovative baking solutions provider, Dough Coach, offering healthy eating enthusiasts a unique baking guide with the launch of the Dough Coach’s great new gift to bakers

Dough Coach is looking to change the world of baking with the launch of its comprehensive baking guide that has been described as a “New Gift to Bakers.” The eBook is written as a full guide to putting professionals as well as beginners and other such baking enthusiasts through the steps of a sourdough bread making recipe for beginners. The book will also serve as an amazing gift to persons interested in learning how to make healthy meals.

There is no doubt that the culinary world has evolved over the years as professional cooks, cooking enthusiasts, and other such institutions in the industry continue to provide amazing solutions to satisfy the diverse needs of the ultimate stakeholder – consumers. Unfortunately, many of the available solutions do not effectively such needs and this and many more are what Dough Coach is looking to address with their amazing culinary solutions, one of which is the recently released baking guide.

The product is not only a comprehensive baking guide but also an amazing tool for wannabe bakers in the industry as he and his sister share their culinary knowledge and tools with customers. The aim of the book is to provide readers the necessary skills and knowledge to create Sourdough Bread on their own. The book is particularly unique as it is written in simple terms, taking readers by the hand and saving them the stress and time associated with understanding other cooking books that are filled with technical terms.

“When I learn something new, I always like to make a lot of mistakes at the beginning so I learn faster from experience,” said Dough Coach Founder. “The best thing about learning to bake is that you can literally eat your homework,” Dough Coach continued.

More information about the product can be found on Amazon.

About Dough Coach

Dough Coach is a small family business founded by Gal, eternal enthusiastic student, a multi-talent and instructor’s course graduate. The company is run by Gal and his sister as they aim to share their knowledge, skills, and cooking tools acquired over the years with other lovers of baking and cooking in general.

Dough Coach looks to continuously release a series of cooking solutions to millions of people across the globe with the aim of promoting healthy eating and living.

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