Based on honesty, casting brilliant Tianhe Chemical

Honesty and trustworthiness are the intangible assets of an enterprise. It can create productivity for the enterprise and continuously improve the social trust of the enterprise. To this end, the Tianhe Chemical Group has held a lecture on the theme of “Sincerity-based, casting brilliant Tianhe”. The purpose of this lecture is to enable Tianhe people to establish a business philosophy of honesty and trust, and to create a work atmosphere of sincerity and trustworthiness. Only in this way can we ensure the social competitiveness of the company and enable Tianhe Chemical Group to remain invincible forever. To ensure that the company develops healthily and sustainably.

Corporate integrity has two manifestations, namely the integrity of internal employees and the integrity of external customers and society. The integrity of an enterprise is not inherently “embedded” in the economic entity, but a certain economic entity combines its own beliefs and values in the process of market trading activities, and gradually forms in the process of pursuing the survival and development of the enterprise.

Since ancient times, no single business can be established on the beach of no honesty and unbelief, to establish the concept of corporate integrity, and to strengthen the construction of corporate integrity culture, is an inevitable requirement for the survival and development of enterprises, and requires the participation of the majority of employees. Efforts to create a culture of integrity-oriented culture within the enterprise, so that the company and all employees always pay attention to integrity and integrity.

At the same time, we must regard integrity as an important part of the corporate culture of Tianhe Chemical Group, establish a business philosophy of honesty and integrity, and constantly establish services as commodities. Users are God, users are food and clothing parents, and users are the ideas of survival. Based on strengthening the education of honesty and integrity, the construction of the integrity system as the guarantee; the promotion of the image of integrity; the goal of creating a culture of integrity.

Honesty and trustworthiness are the traditional virtues of Chinese celebrities, and also the ethical foundation of the enterprise. The Tianhe Chemical Group must fully build a culture of integrity and promote the corporate culture to a new level.

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