SKIN Advanced Platinum Watery Luminous Series, Bringing a unique “+” & “-” Japanese skin care philosophy

City Life Environment Causes Sensitive Skin

A fast-paced modern lifestyle not only makes life convenient, but also disrupts sleeping patterns and exposes people to air pollution. As a result, sensitive skin becomes a common dermatological problem. Even for the normal skin condition, after excessive exposure to the sun, the use of skincare products with unsuitable ingredients, the consumption of foods that irritate the stomach, long periods of stress and substandard sleep, the stratum corneum will gradually thin up and lose its protective layer, which weakens nerve fibers and causes “sensitive skin”.

Nowadays, more attention is attached to the care of sensitive skin. The “skin care + skin protection” pattern together with the “zero addition + low irritation” philosophy initiated by the Japanese sensitive skin care method has become a favorite approach among urban sensitive-skin groups. Also, mainstream beauty magazines believe this collection sets a new trend for the care of sensitive skin.

SKIN Advanced Platinum Watery Luminous Series

Launch in China and Japan simultaneously

A new favorite for the care of sensitive skin – SKIN Advanced Platinum Watery Luminous Series, which is 100% Japan imported with unique 8+8- formula for the protection of sensitive skin. It contains Antioxidant Platinum Particles, Japan’s Yubara Onsen water and Pearl essence, which can moisturize the skin and help skin glow consistently, thus improving the repair barrier of skin and clearing up skin to achieve a lustrous and gorgeous Urban Luminous look. Also, SKIN Advanced reduces the skin’s burden from 8 sources and avoid most irritation to sensitive skin. Thanks to Plant Extracts & Polyols Antisepsis, SKIN Advanced Platinum Watery Luminous Series can moisturize the skin while protecting it from allergies. It is gentle and safe for skin.

In March 2019, SKIN Advanced Platinum Watery Luminous Series launched in Japan, and many local media quickly reported on its release and enthusiastically recommended it, including “Beauty Divine Product of Clear Skin’ in Japan BITEKI released in May, “Spring Uncomfortable Clinic” column in ViVi released in April, and VOCE April’s “Skin Whitening News”. The new concept of “Easy care for sensitive skin” proposed by SKIN Advanced is increasingly well accepted in more countries worldwide.

SKIN Advanced Platinum Watery Luminous Series covers all product portfolios from basic care to intensive care. Imported from Japan aim to deliver a premium skin care experience and to provide gentle, constant and stable brightening effect, SKIN Advanced Platinum Watery Luminous Series adds a natural glow to skin and provides a holistic and all-round care for sensitive skin.

Best Product Portfolio “Starry Brightening CP” for Sensitive Skin

When SKIN Advanced Platinum Watery Luminous Toning Essence is used in combination with SKIN Advanced Watery Luminous Serum, it produces a one-step whitening and brightening look, which makes the “Starry Brightening CP” popular among bloggers and fans.

Every bottle of SKIN Advanced Platinum Watery Luminous Toning Essence contains over 80% yeast extract, which is the golden ratio according to various researches on sensitive skin usage. This makes it more friendly to sensitive skin, keeps the skin hydrated and bright while stabilizing its protective barrier. In the absence of smell like saliva or alcohol, it makes your skincare routine comfortable and delightful.

SKIN Advanced Platinum Watery Luminous Serum contains six brightening ingredients, which brightens the skin in multiple ways, makes the skin shiny and bright, soft and smooth like silkIt is easily applied and absorbed.

Using Watery Luminous Toning Essence together with the serum, based on the safest ratio of yeast, it doubles the effects of brightening and whitening, which offers a “dual barrier” for sensitive skin.

SKIN Advanced’s New Brand Concept

Minimum Ingredients, Maximum Effectiveness

Different from other existing skincare products, SKIN Advanced is committed to using essential simplest ingredients to achieve maximum effectiveness of healthy skin. It adopts platinum technology from Japan and has developed the cutting-edge skills to carry the active ingredient and transport it deep under the skin, which helps to strengthen the skin’s protective layer. With its unique Japanese 8+8- skincare philosophy, SKIN Advanced adopts basic ingredients and its simple formula to reduce irritation and bring long-lasting effects. It helps sensitive skin to stay young and healthy. Over the years, SKIN Advanced has become popular among consumers and has become the NO.1 bestselling skincare brand in Watson China.

Now, SKIN Advanced Platinum Watery Luminous Series can be ordered not only on the official website of Japan, but also at Watson’s stores and Tmall flagship stores throughout China mainland. The brand aims at providing efficient, safe and convenient skincare solutions to people with sensitive skin. We look forward to sharing this new trend of sensitive skincare from Japan with you!

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