June 27th | In collaboration with Slush, the Nanjing Jianye High-tech Zone launched the world’s coolest Science and Technology Innovation Conference

Figure 1 Slush Nanjing 2019

From June 26 to 30, the Nanjing Innovation Week sponsored by the Nanjing Municipal Committee and Municipal Government, made its first appearance at the Nanjing International Expo Center.

Slush Nanjing 2019 was held on June 27, and the opening ceremony was held in Pavilion 7 of the Nanjing International Expo Center. With the concepts of “creating, sharing and all-win” as the premise combined with a “more AI future” as the main narrative, an innovation and technology conference with the theme “Call for Fighters” was introduced to both on-site guests and online audiences.

The conference took up the whole day, which will include speeches, roundtable sharing, pitching competitions and an exhibition. It brought together more than 2000 global participants from start-ups, large enterprises, investment institutions and media outlets. And it will also be presented online and offline in a matchmaking manner with a focus on AI, big data and the gaming industries.

An overview of Slush Nanjing 2019 

Two-stages for speakers’ sharing: The speakers included the founder of Angry Bird Peter Vesterbacka, NetEase’s CEO Zhou Feng etc. They discussed and shared their views on AI, big data, games as well as other topics and the latest trends in the industry.

Corporate booths: Companies were able to fully display their unique ideas. Investors and the media could seek for opportunities for collaboration with start-ups here as well.

Meeting Area: There were 10 meeting areas arranged on site, which were divided into three sections corresponding to three different themes: medical treatment, games and AI & Big Data. The meeting areas provided partners and investment institutions with the opportunity to invite start-ups which they were interested in to conduct further communication.

Start-ups Pitching Competition: 30 startups were choosen from over q00 startups to attend the Pitching Competition. VIENOMICS finally won the overall champion of this competition.

Nanjing after party: As a reserve event of Slush, it provided all participants with a chance to relax and chat in an easy atmosphere after the conference. Partners from all over the gathered together, scientific and technological innovation ideas continue to collide as well for the future to create unlimited possibilities.

About Slush 

Slush originated in Helsinki, Finland in 2008. It is an international conference held every November with a focus on global technology entrepreneurship and investment.

Slush’s core mission around the world is to help the next generation of entrepreneurs that are motivated to change the world succeed. They also provide a platform for start-ups at different stages of development. Whether they are seeking investment, corporate customers, media support or entrepreneurial guidance, Slush can provide support and help.

After 10 years of development, Slush has become an international innovation and entrepreneurship Festival favored by technological innovators, domestic and foreign entrepreneurs, investors and media in Europe. Not only that, Slush also represents Finland as an international brand of “innovation and entrepreneurship” to continuously extend influence to all parts of the world. 

Since the founding and establishment of Slush, it has been successfully held in financially and politically important cities such as Helsinki, Finland, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai and Singapore. Slush Nanjing is a new starting point and an important point for Slush’s development in China. Profited from the continuous improvement of digital economic ecological chain, financial technology integration chain and innovative business incubation chain in Jianye High-tech Zone, the conference brought to a successful close. It also demonstrated the significance of scientific creation and indicated that Slush China would become better and better.

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