James Eglin with Systema Maryland teaches “secret” Russian martial art

James Eglin with Systema Maryland teaches “secret” Russian martial art

Rockville, MD – During the time of the Soviet Union, a powerful martial art, Systema, meaning “the System,” was taught to Russian special forces and operatives. Today, Systema is available for everyone to learn. Systema Instructor, James Eglin has opened Systema Maryland in Rockville and Takoma Park to teach this intense and fascinating martial art.

“The roots of Systema date back to the 10th century, but it really started to take hold during the secret Soviet years,” Maryland Systema Founder James Eglin said. “Today, this martial art is being taught by an increasing number of people around the world. At Maryland Systema, we’re one of only a handful teaching this style of martial art on the East Coast.”

Systema is a system of hand-to-hand fighting that teaches both stand up and ground fighting. It’s designed to quickly subdue and control the opponent. It’s also based on a code of honor, a warrior’s honor, that says that you should be a good person in all that you do. It’s ideal for all ages and ability levels.

“Learning a martial art is a responsibility. Once you’ve trained in Systema, you’re potentially more capable of hurting others,” said Eglin. “It’s for precisely that reason that you have to learn to control your emotions and develop a greater sense of right and wrong. This is an amazing system for self-defense, but it’s also an intense workout and a path to overall wellness.”

Maryland Systema was founded by James Eglin in Rockville, Maryland, with the goal of sharing Systema, a Russian self-defense technique and martial art. Systema has roots in ancient Russian combat, as well as once-hidden Soviet trainings. Today, Systema Instructor James Eglin has begun to teach students of all ages from around the DC Metro area.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact James Eglin at 301-326-9146 or email at [email protected].

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