How a Silk Scarf Brand is Changing Perceptions of the Luxury Accessory – Sunshine Frankie

“Sunshine Frankie is a Brand on the Rise After Finding a Gap in the Fashion Accessories Market”

July 4, 2019 – United Kingdom – Finding a niche in a saturated market may be a challenge for some businesses. However, Sunshine Frankie, designers and creators of top of the line luxury silk scarves in the UK, has managed to wiggle their way into the market and lay an undeniable stamp.

Sunshine Frankie rolled out their first collection in early 2019 and within days they sold out their limited run thanks to heavy Instagram promotion. The company is owned and operated by Liam and Chloe, partners who have a typical 9-5 but who have a penchant for the creative and quirky flair, clearly noticeable on the unique style of the scarves. Sunshine Frankie has been able to offer the quality and luxury that designer brands offer for an attractive fee, while bringing something new to the table.

The brand has a clear focus on fun, summer and unique styles. This is made clear by the strong designs bringing a natural spring/summer vibe, featuring bright colours and fun elements not traditionally seen on silk scarves. Crediting the uniqueness of the products, Liam, Co-owner of Sunshine Frankie states, “We only produce at the most 2-3 scarves of a particular design so customers will experience the feel of being exclusive owners. It is important that we break away from the traditional look of silk scarves and add a unique summer flair to reach new audiences. It’s not often you’ll see doughnuts on silk!” The material used is intricately sourced as Sunshine Frankie aims to offer customers a product that is lasting, at a low price.

Sunshine Frankie focuses on building customer appreciation and works for the brand to have customers feeling like it’s their own. Chloe states “We really want you to put your name there. Sunshine Chloe, Sunshine Becky, Sunshine Annie. This is about you – your personality, your individuality, your name. We just want you to have a little sunshine in your life.” Chloe goes on to say, “We noticed how versatile scarves can be as an accessory but can be highly priced with more traditional designs. We wanted to make scarves more approachable to a new audience and it was important we created something fun at a more accessible price. It’s really a product that can be worn as much as a handbag, or hairband, but just needs a little push in a new direction!”

To view products and place an order for your premium silk scarf visit the website at Sunshine Frankie. Shipping is available worldwide and free shipping is offered to customers in the United Kingdom.

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