NEW WEBSITE COVERING EVERYTHING RELATED TO LIVING GLUTEN FREE takes a stronger approach to deliver trustworthy gluten-free taste and information is a new website dedicated to helping people identify and manage gluten sensitivity. The website is a one-stop resource for all your gluten free questions and concerns. The website covers a variety of issues, including gluten-free news, gluten-free tips, gluten-free diet advice, gluten-free cooking videos, and more.

Living gluten-free requires daily self-management and vigilance, unlike any other diet management. Disease and symptom management – solely through food – requires the patient to take over daily as a case manager. It feels like when navigating a child through the waters which can be overwhelming, especially when an online platform where people can learn so much from others’ experiences, education and resources is missing.

“The more I talked to the people about the benefit of living a gluten-free life, the more I realized so many people were looking for the same! I had to do something. Gluten Free 101 was born out of a desire to help people live gluten-free. We offer people access to free, science-based information that can dramatically impact their health,” Shawn Hickman of Gluten Free 101 said.

Gluten Free 101 offers an informative synopsis of what gluten is. Access to the website is 100% free and confidential. Celiac disease that results from gluten diet can lead to several other disorders including infertility, neurological disorders, reduced bone density, some cancers, and other autoimmune diseases.

Gluten Free 101 is at the forefront to help everyone become more aware and comfortable with the foods they eat. It has a section called the gluten-free shop where people can buy delicious gluten-free foods easily. Also, for people looking to make their gluten-free food, there is a section that is called gluten-free cooking videos that features food that is convenient to make. The website also has a fresh, clean look with simplistic handy features that make it easy for users to navigate.

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About Gluten Free 101

This is a website dedicated to everything related to gluten-free cooking. It is far more than a gluten-free informational website; it is also a community.  This website allows you to interact with like-minded people and share your passion for gluten-free living.

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