Bision Exchange participates in the battle of rankings and makes rapid expansion in Asia

Bision Exchange( its official entry into the Chinese market at the Greater Bay Area 1st Forum on Cutting-edge Technology Development held in Shenzhen on June 22.

Bision Exchange was founded in Singapore in May 2018. After one year of operation, it has achieved good results in Singapore, the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries, hitting over 500,000 registered users. At present, it has set up operational and technical teams in Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines respectively. Depending on these cities known for their financial industry, Bision has absorbed a large number of elite talents from the traditional financial and securities industries.

As a new-generation digital currency trading platform, Bision has been built by top international cryptocurrency experts and financial practitioners engaged in the industry for decades. It is committed to breaking the bottlenecks in the existing trading platform and empowering individual investors, institutional investors and clients, so as to make transactions more efficient and flow of wealth more free.

For investors, the most fundamental appeal is to find good investment opportunities and increase their wealth.

To address this issue, Bision Exchange put forward the idea of “Covering the most complete series of currency with the best target.” By virtue of the powerful underlying technology and project screening ability, it has covered such frontier digital asset portfolios as the high-quality Token, small mining coins and new main chain, and has provided traders with new space and opportunities for investment.

To make high-quality projects stand out, Bision Exchange has made a plan for “high-quality project support”, which not only helps high-quality projects to be listed free of charge, but also provides the 1V1 exclusive VIP services for clients in the fields of information dissemination, brand-building and market value.

Given of the existence of counterfeit money and the restrictions on charging and withdrawal in the market, Bision Exchange advocates the rejection of counterfeit money and free charging and withdrawal. With the support of the OpenWallet, the bottom framework created by the platform, Bision only needs two or three days to link with a new main chain. For other exchanges, usually two or three weeks are required to achieve the same effect.

In recent years, there are a number of dispute cases involving investors, clients and exchange platforms. In the context of tension and lack of trust among the three parties, Bision Exchange has built the cornerstone of trust for investors and clients through the innovative transparency mechanism of the platform, thus creating the trust among the three parties. Just as the block chain serves as the machine of creating trust, Bision Exchange is committed to becoming a platform of building trust. 

In terms of user experience, Bision Exchange has adopted the most leading-edge transaction matching engine, which makes the transaction speed far exceed all the current trading platforms. In addition, after months of commissioning and optimization by Bision’s technical team from the front end to the back end, every transaction at Bision is conducted as smoothly as silk as we can see.

In June 2019, Bision began to focus on its business in other Asian countries; in particular, it has attracted a host of excellent investors and partners in the Chinese market. By virtue of innovative ideas, advanced technologies and experienced teams, Bision Exchange has attracted a dozen of partners, including Great China Investment Group, Nuts Capital, Fusiion Capital, Evolution Capital, DFund, Imagination Fund, Ceyuan Ventures, Foresea Life Insurance.

Currently, there has been cut-throat competition in digital currency trading platforms, but the final pattern is far from being formed. For both newcomers and existing players, what they face is definitely a battle for the good place in the ranking. With a perfect mastery of technologies, excellent services and powerful cooperative partners, Bision Exchange is expected to occupy a good place in the competition.

As “a young player with great strength and a qualified protector for transactions of digital currencies”, Bision Exchange hopes to turn from a newcomer into a pacemaker, in a bid to protect fair and efficient transactions and empower digital currencies.

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