Maya Preferred 223 listed on CoinMarketCap

Maya Preferred 223 listed on CoinMarketCap

Better Than Gold!!!
Amazing not even 3 months on the trading markets and Maya Preferred 223 has been listed on coinmarketcap

Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR), a stablecoin, backed by gold and silver from 11 Mexican mines, is pleased to announce that MAPR has been listed on CoinMarketCap on July 3rd, 2019. This listing clearly indicates the wide acceptance and recognition of Maya Preferred 223 by the cryptomarket.

CoinMarketCap is known as the biggest and the most respectable cryptocurrency index in the crypto world. With almost 80,000,000 of monthly traffic, it is the top source of knowledge about the market capitalization for more than 2000 different coins and tokens, Maya Preferred now among them.

At the moment of writing, Maya Preferred 223 is the third most expensive coin after 42-coin (42) and Project-X (NANOX), listed at CoinMarketCap with the current value of $18,630 (equal 1.58 BTC or 2,308 ETC). With this listing, Maya Preferred hodlers will be able to track MAPR’s price, volume, ROI, and market rank.

James Dahlke, CEO and co-founder of Maya Preferred 223, made a point on the listing: “I’m so excited. Our team has been working on the partnership with CoinMarketCap for the last four months, and finally, we are there. I can’t express my feelings, I send my personal gratitude to the team, to CoinMarketCap and to everybody, who believed in Maya Preferred 223. 

We have many plans, and step by step we will achieve the top. But for now – Maya Preferred is backing Bitcoin itself, Maya Preferred is listed on CoinMarketCap, we are adding the new shafts, we are working on the partnerships, everything is happening at once, and in my opinion that’s how it has to be. But today we celebrate.”

Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR) is a stablecoin based on the Ethereum Classic blockchain. Each coin is backed with approximately $34,000 in gold and silver from 11 assets, located in Mexico.

MAPR is currently available for trading on FatBTC and Cat.Ex exchanges. At the moment of writing one MAPR is trading at 1.58 BTC, equal to $18,630.

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