Miranda Alcott & Company Announces Animal Communication Level Two Courses

Miranda Alcott & Company Announces Animal Communication Level Two Courses

Animal Communicator in Santa Monica – Miranda Alcott
Miranda Alcott has devoted her life to facilitating greater understanding and communication between animals and those who care to foster a deeper connection with them for over 40 years.

Los Angeles, California – July 4, 2019 – As an Animal Medical Intuitive (AMI), Miranda Alcott, the leading pet communicator in Los Angeles, is a highly respected consultant, and works as a valued team member under the auspices of veterinarians nationally and around the world to provide information throughout the initial consultation, monitor ongoing treatments, and give feedback during actual procedures.

Leading Pet Communicator in Los Angeles

Miranda Alcott offers a two-level course for animal communication counseling in Albuquerque with an aim to develop an awareness of how to understand your animal’s communication, while opening and enhancing alternative channels of communication through a combination of multimedia presentations, demonstrations, guided meditations, and experiential exercises.

When asked about this, “Animal Communication Workshops were created so that you can learn some of the innovative communication techniques I’ve found to be very valuable with anyone who wants to listen and connect to their animals at a deeper level,” replied Miranda Alcott, the leading animal communicator in Santa Monica.

“Your animal speaks with you all the time through body language, vocal signals, and by projecting pictures, thoughts, feelings, and emotions. You can learn to better interpret and understand these messages by participating in these upcoming workshops!”

The Animal Communication Level 2 workshop is a two-day, human-focused workshop for people who feel they may be more openly sensitive than most. This advanced workshop was originally suggested by the animals themselves, who will guide us throughout the weekend.

She also continued, “Building upon the foundation of the Level 1 weekend, you will be using numerous techniques to expand your awareness, increase your intuitive abilities, and enhance communications with your animal and others. Throughout these two days, you’ll receive practical tools to focus your energy and develop higher levels of empathic understanding, while exploring how your energy can, and does, affect those animals who live by your side.”

The day 1 workshop explores how we can begin to rely upon our innate intuitive abilities; trust what we hear or sense inside about ourselves, animals, and others; and integrate more awareness in every part of our lives, while maintaining clear boundaries in regard to non-verbal communications.

On day 2, she will teach human-focused skills for those who feel they may be super sensitive to their surroundings. She also discusses coping strategies and shares workable tools such as instant clearing and location assessment.

About Miranda Alcott & Company:

Established in 2015, Miranda Alcott & Company has been focusing on connecting people and their animals at a deeper level. Visit https://mirandaalcott.com/ for more information.

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