BHP Public Chain Realized Trustworthy Bitcoin Pay,Planing to Build The Next Generation of Banking Network

BHP Public Chain achieved trustworthy Bitcoin Pay

BHP(Blockchain of hash power)is the distributed financial infrastructure based on Bitcoin credit that can realize trustworthy Bitcoin pay. Supported by distributed Bitcoin mine hash power, BHP network provides a decentralized transaction verification mechanism with 21 hypernodes. BHP provides a fast and decentralized payment and settlement platform for Bitcoin merchants and consumers.

BHP has solved the Bitcoin payment issue

Applying innovative DPos mechanism and advanced interchain technology, BHP Pay system can support millions of current payment per second, thus overcoming the low efficiency, high transaction cost and opacity of assets etc. In Bitcoin commercial payment progress. Based on decentralized Bitcoin hash power credit system constructed by distributed Bitcoin hashpower pools, BHP can solve that the provider of payment service lack of credit in the Bitcoin commercial application scene.

Innovative mixed consensus mechanism enable efficiency and safety

BHP users innovative PoW(Proof of Power)and PoS(Proof of Stake).This is a kind of mixed  consensus mechanism.BHP miners accesses to Bitcoin mines and completes Bitcoin mining, and verifies address hash power credit by PoW. Otherwise, it can release a certain amount BHP according to the hash power contributor through PoS mechanism. Also, using PoS mechanism can ensure highly efficient transaction and fulfill the demand payment.

Advantages of BHP technology

1. Multi-Layer Network: The bottom layer is based on BTC network and the second layer is based on BHP network. BTC payment system takes into account both payment efficiency and asset security.

2. Fast Payment: It can process more than 5000 tps concurrent Bitcoin payment on certain payment channels.

3. Safe interchain Transaction: Interchain transaction can be realized on the blockchain supporting time lock.

4. Anonymous Payment: It helps users complete anonymous payment.

BHP ecosystem is expanding globally

The BHP ecosystem consists of a hashpower asset layer, a core application layer, and an ecological access layer.

The hash power layer jointly built by 21 hypernodes, by June 2019, 17 modern mining farms is globally distributed in China, the United States, Canada and other places. A total of hundreds of thousands of mining machines with a total hash power of over 1000 PH/s.

The core application layer is composed of BHP Pay system. At present, BHP pay has provided multiple services  such as, bitcoin convenient payment, settlement and asset management based on API and H5 for multiple eco-partners around the world.

The ecological access layer has gradually acquired multiple on-chains DAPPs, such as Renren Mine (hash power management), YGM (blockchain e-commerce), BitMining (cloud hash power), BHP pay (bitcoin payment solution) and so on. With the support of ecological DAPPs, the total number of users has exceeded 500,000, and more than 20,000 global e-commerce merchants have accessed to BHP network.

With blockchain payment revolution, the BHP hypernode hash power is solid, the upgrade of blockchain technology and more diversified application accessed, it will consolidate the ecological development of BHP. There’s no doubt BHP will take the lead to become the winner of next round payment reform.

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