Boost Employee Productivity! Sharon Ryan and Cynthia Tolsma’s Newly Released Book Helps Businesses Create a Dedicated Workforce!

Little Rock, Arkansas, USA – July 4, 2019 – In a time of historically low unemployment and high employee turnover, businesswomen Sharon Ryan and Cynthia Tolsma released their latest book, The Talent Pool: How to Find and Keep Dedicated People While Making a Lasting Impact.

In this new book, Ryan and Tolsma prove there is a clear economic benefit for employers that comes from caring about the quality of life experienced by economically fragile workers. It comes in the form of maximizing returns on employee recruitment, reducing the cost of employee turnover, and differentiating the business in the eyes of customers and prospects as both a socially responsible and an economically successful partner.

There are at least four good reasons to read The Talent Pool: (1) Business expansion is dependent on employee retention and growth is often constrained by a lack of available labor, which makes tapping into the talent pool of economically fragile people imperative; (2) Efforts to influence economically fragile people repeatedly fail due to the lack of understanding of this population segment; (3) Brand connection with consumers is strengthened when that brand is actively making a difference in the world; and (4) Helping low-wage, economically fragile employees to become economically stable creates a competitive advantage.

Sharon Ryan and Cynthia Tolsma play pivotal roles at Dasher, Inc. The company was acquired by Ryan in 2009 where Tolsma was placed as the Executive in Charge of Culture and Development. Together, the duo uses the very same business model for their success that they share in this new book.

The Talent Pool introduces readers to the highly innovative Team Member Prosperity and Success Model and its measurable results. The authors share how any business can create a culture that lifts all boats, supporting all and providing a safety net for anyone in need.

Sharon Ryan and Cynthia Tolsma are a dynamic business duo with decades of commendable career expertise and achievements to their names. Having served as business leaders of many high-profile organizations, the pair is now focused on starting a movement in the business community that promotes profitable business growth and permanently improving the quality of life for low-wage workers.

Sharon Ryan and Cynthia Tolsma are available for interviews.

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