Search Engine, Anonymous and Lizard Squad Announced New Learning Algorithm of Block Chain Encryption

Search Engine, Anonymous and Lizard Squad Announced New Learning Algorithm of Block Chain Encryption, Creating the Cornerstone of the Anonymous Public Chains

Search Engine and Anonymous Entered into Deep Cooperation Again

According to Reuters report on July 5th, recently the famous Darknet organization Search Engine and the well-known hacking group Anonymous entered into a comprehensive cooperation in the encryption algorithms again, which has been their second in-depth cooperation during recent months, while Google seemed incapable standing by. During this weekend, the two architectures will jointly announce the new encryption algorithm of block chain Cambrian Period, named after the first geological “time of ancient life”. The new encryption algorithm is the evolution of the asymmetric encryption, aiming to expand on the elliptic algorithm of the Bit Coins to adapt to more extensive application contexts of the block chain and anonymous protection, as well as greatly improve the computing and running speed of the block chain. Developers can easily use encryption languages based on Cambrian Period to build more steady, fast and anonymous public chain frameworks of the block chain. Soon in the future, Cambrian Period will enable developers to use and establish block china nodes more easily. The algorithm was the framework employed by Cypherpunks in its 2018 development.

Currently, the two giants announced new norms of Cambrian Period in order for other block chain network frameworks to also use them and accordingly to establish global anonymous nodes. According to a member of Cypherpunks, the employment of the new encryption algorithm of Cambrian Period can improve the safety of POW by 200%; the block operation and confirmation speed will be increased by 500 times comparing to on traditional public chains such as EOS; DAPP operation speed borne by its public chains will surpass that of any current DAPP; so it’s the cornerstone of the future large-scale blockchainization of the Darknet.

It’s worth noting that: the top management of Google refused to comment on this news, while the vice-president of Facebook Sean Parker indicated in his Twitter: “In this territory, we are also paying close attention, to prevent new Libra from being used to conduct trading in the Darknet and black market. That’s why the Darknet called together for the unity of actions to create new encryption algorithm and establish its own ecological system.”

The Encryption Algorithm Wars between the Cypherpunks and FBI

During the last two weeks, widely divided opinions were aroused on Libra issued by Facebook. According to limited source of intelligence, Libra was striving to be a global stable coin issued privately and internationally in order to improve the trading order throughout the world. However, on July the 2nd, the House Financial Services Committee issued a fiercely worded open letter to Facebook, demanding it interrupt the development of the project immediately. Meanwhile, the Group Committee under the House Financial Services Committee will participate in the hearing to be held on July the 17th, to determine how Libra will be operated, and what protective measures to be taken to safeguard user privacy. Libra has aroused two completely contradicting opinions within the United States, which caused great controversy. Under such circumstances, Facebook will surely try their best to ensure the compliance, traceability and anti-money laundering of Libra, and reserve all possible “backdoors”, which will affect the enormous trading circulations of the Darknet. Therefore, Cypherpunks should have set out to program the unique encryption methods used to build “the new type of Darknet” as early as 2018. On one side that would satisfy the rapid response and anonymity of the enormous trading of the Darknet; on the other side to protect the stability and independence of the Darknet networks.

It’s been well known that Bit Coins also were born to the Darknet, whose founder Satoshi Nakamoto is the member of Cypherpunks. At the beginning of the birth of Bit Coins, Satoshi Nakamoto employed the Koblitz curve, which is secp256k1 but not secp256r1 as the encryption standard, and successfully bypassed the “backdoors” of FBI’s encryption algorithms. No one even had known that FBI reserved “backdoors” in the open encryption algorithm before him, which indicated that his accomplishment of Cryptography is remarkable. The joint announcement of the new algorithm by Search Engine and Anonymous has great significance, and could possibly mean that the encryption algorithms of Bit Coins have some defects, which still remain unknown to us.

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