Upcoming Kickstarter campaign introduces revolutionary Automated stock trading software

Maverick Business Solutions has developed a next-gen custom-designed automatic trading software that will free traders from depending on brokers and will also make trading easier and more profitable for everyone, regardless of experience and budget.

An upcoming Kickstarter campaign is soon to introduce a groundbreaking automated stock trading software that will generate wealth for you while you sleep. Titled “Zeke™,” the software is launched by Savannah-based trading software development company Maverick Business Solutions.

The first-of-its-kind, Zeke™ is launched with the mission to make stock market trading easier and more profitable for everyone, irrespective of experience, and budget. The patent-pending software is designed to trade the market on behalf of traders so that they don’t have to shell out money to brokers.

Zeke™ is a custom-designed automatic trading software which will work to continuously evaluate the trading market (currency, stock, etc.) so that the trader himself doesn’t have to do it manually. The state of the art software is engineered to find out the optimum opportunities that can draw the best potential and profit for user-traders. 

A significant factor that keeps Zeke™ ahead of humans is that since it’s a software, it does not get emotional, confused, or fatigued. It can work tirelessly, flawlessly, and with a mechanically practical approach that protects traders from the blunders of erroneous and emotional trading. Users can consider Zeke™ as a “surrogate” who will consistently monitor numerous strategies that are set for the public market- utilizing the filters and indicators selected by the user. The MBS patent-pending software will do it more reliably and faster compared to any human. 

“Zeke™ is developed with the mission to resolve the numerous challenges that have been plaguing both the amateur and experienced traders on the stock market for long. Our software is driven by the mission to enable everybody to buy and sell anything in the trading scene, regardless of experience or expertise. With Zeke™, users will be able to buy and sell thousands of trades every week and that too, without staying glued to the computer round the clock. Finally, thanks to Zeke™, you will be able to live your life in your terms, while improving your financial status each day”, stated a leading spokesperson from MBS.

What separates Zeke™ from other automated trading systems is that the MBS solution can operate entirely unattended even when the computer is turned off. A user here would need to define his particular trading strategy to the software, and after that, the software would work on instantaneously and continuously without any manual intervention.  

“Zeke™ is designed to operate in sly mode so that hedge fund managers, rival investors, and brokers can’t see your order limits. With our solution, you will be in full charge of the parameters regarding buying, selling, and selection of the trading market. It’s just the auto trading software all traders have been waiting for. We have tested Zeke™ thoroughly and have met with immense success. Now, we are at the final stage of development of this patent-pending software and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring Zeke™ to the world and making trading easier, affordable, and profitable for all.”

Zeke™ will be launched with learning resources for beginner traders and free trial offer.

To learn more about Zeke™, please visit the website: http://zeke.tilda.ws/

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