Donovan Bros Ltd Offers Environmentally Friendly Catering Packaging

Donovan Bros Ltd Offers Environmentally Friendly Catering Packaging

Orpington, Kent – Donovan Bros Ltd,, is a family founded catering packaging company in Kent with eco-consciousness on their minds. They started their company by using paper bags over plastic, and 75 years later, Donovan Bros is still making efforts to preserve the environment with their catering packaging.

The company takes pride in their history of eco-friendly products, having sold biodegradable products since their start. According to them, it was simply the right thing to do.

Today, Donovan Bros boasts their environmental consciousness more than ever. They offer products that are biodegradable and more eco-friendly than the many plastic waste products generally resulting from the catering industry, all of which eventually finds its way into landfill or even the ocean.

The catering industry traditionally relies on plastic products, with temporary eating solutions like cake boxes, cutlery, and plates. Because of Donovan Bros’ history as carriers of biodegradable paper products, they believe it has never been more important to make green choices, especially in their field which is dominated by plastic. With pollution at an all-time high, Donovan Bros believes it is necessary that all catering companies recognise and fight back against this waste problem.

From biodegradable containers, plates, bowls, and salad packs to recycled napkins and wooden cutlery skewers, this company has every product that a person could need to cater a party or wedding while skipping all the plastic.

Donovan Bros also offers customisation of their utensils and packaging so that a client’s event stands out. With options for dazzling colours, company logos, and lots of different container varieties, they encourage customers to get creative with products that are healthier for the environment.

Donovan Bros know how expensive party packaging costs can climb, which is why they also have rotating special offers on specific products like discounts on labels, coffee beans, till rolls, and a special percentage off for anything biodegradable.

While many companies will use solely plastic and foam containers that are difficult to recycle, Donovan Bros’ reusable cake boxes and other non-plastic containers is the option for those looking for great presentation at their event without increasing their carbon footprint.

Those looking for more information about Donovan Bros Ltd’s eco-friendly packaging can visit their supply store in Orpington, They are happy to meet with event planners in person to discuss customisation options. They can also be contacted online through their website.

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