The legend of 5G is coming very soon, Wesion Network will be a innovative ways to change the network service

The 5G era is gradually coming to us. The vision of  “everything connected”,  by using this technology is surely can be achieved by its ubiquitous network, low power consumption, high speed and low latency. In the past 26 years, the world have reached 100 billion chips. In next 5 years, there will be 80% of the chips include the microprocessors. It mean there will be 1 trillion of microprocessors surround us. These microprocessors can be connected to the network, upload or process data.

Beside personal life,  every different industry included Agriculture, Environment, Energy, Smart Home, Family, Automatic Driving, Health, etc. also can meet their need of network technologies in the future. By then, “everything is connected” is successful implemented.

However, from the past and even current way of network connection, it is still necessary to use the network structure from the terminal to the operating host, and then to the terminal. This multi layer path often causes information to be blocked at a certain layer. The information will be difficult to convey once it being blocked.

Based on this situation, the smart elastic cloud method using cloud operating, a new network structure that have decentralizes storage and operating functions. In this point of time, Wesion network have bring out and developed Wesion Ai series products, so that those operating or storage requirements are implemented between end to end users. Wesion Ai uses the core technology of ARM CPU GPU TPU together with Wesion’s software and sharing mode. Different Wesion Ai software grants Ai Edge Server different functions, including Ai VPN, Ai CDN, Ai DNS, Ai firewall, Ai goalkeeper, etc. A range of features.

Currently, the Wesion Network has been rapidly developed, it reached a strategic cooperation with AMD, the world’s largest CPU factory. AMD is a CPU service provider of world famous enterprises such as Apple and Huawei. Wesion uses security technology and has received strong support from international telecommunications companies to develop and apply ACE (AI, Cloud, Edge) networks in the 5G era. Wesion will develop Wesoin AI-based hosts, open to manufacturers and enter the network. An AI VPN that provides Wesoin AI VPN services with a flow meter fee. In the future, 1Wesion=100GB, using Wesion can offset the actual cost of using Wesion Network or Wesion AI smart terminal.

More importantly, blockchain technology plays a major role here, Wesion Network-based Wesion Token can be use to pay for the Wesion AI server, acting as a value carrier for the entire system and ecology,usually serve as a specific function such as CDN/VPN, and serve mining function at idle time, it acting as a value carrier for the entire system and ecology, recorded in the chain, cannot be changed by anyone.

With the coming 5G era, Wesion will change the innovative way of network services, people can experience the the most amazing of internet technologies just like in the movie. In the future, Wesion Network will play an irreplaceable and revolutionary role in anything involved in network structure such as AI home, transportation, etc. Based on this, Wesion Token is also an infinite prospect. Currently, Wesion Token has launched a limited promotion for all of you to purchase, to participate in this amazing project, you may visit Wesion’s official website for more details:

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