United States at War? Brian G. Walsh’s Newly Released Novel Involves a Fallen Angel, USA and The Ruler of Hell!

Dallas, TX, USA – July 5, 2019 – Author and screenwriter Brian G. Walsh has just released his riveting new novel, The Last Angel to Fall. This supernatural thriller exposes readers to two juxtaposed realities. A fallen angel in South-Central Michigan triggers the Diplomatic Security Service as they become galvanized to send the rebellious angel off Earth and into Hell where it belongs. Brian expertly weaves the two worlds together in a story that is not only transcendent but also challenges accepted mainstream concepts of Good and Evil. The novel is full of suspense with slight undertones of romance.

The novel’s protagonist, Federal Agent Jubal Stone, is a former top gun agent who has been assigned to a desk after a series of unfortunate events. With the death of his wife and the disappearance of his best friend weighing heavily on him, Jubal feels defeated and unmotivated until the arrival of the fallen angel. He must work quickly or risk jeopardizing the future of America. He subsequently learns of a secret deal between the State Department and the Ruler of Hell who demands the fallen angel be delivered to him; but the fallen angel has other plans.

The Last Angel to Fall, with its true-to-life storytelling, cleverly crafted characters and controversial approach to accepted truths about God and the Devil, is a must-read for all connoisseurs of fiction and fantasy. Agent Jubal Stone is perched at a razor’s edge in trying to capture the fallen angel. As tensions grow between America and the Ruler of Hell, it becomes clear that war will ensue if the angel is not delivered: war between the USA and Hell. But, if avoiding war means working with Lucifer against God, what price will the world pay? Joining Jubal on his hunt are his former mentor and a mysterious ‘angel expert’. As Jubal uncovers more secrets, a conspiracy unfolds, and he is put face-to-face with people who are actively plotting to stop him from delivering the fallen angel.

Brian G. Walsh is a screenwriter and author. He has taught screenwriting workshops while also lending his expertise as a script reader for several screenwriting competitions. His latest book The Last Angel to Fall is the very first installment in the Agent Jubal Stone Series. Chronicling the otherworldly cases of Agent Jubal Stone, more books in the series are in the works and will be released in the near future.

Brian G. Walsh is available for interviews.

The Last Angel to Fall is now available on Amazon.com

Book Preview: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TYZXLV2

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