Open Insurances has a Plan to Disruptive the Travel Insurance Market for the Hispanic Community

Open Insurances has a Plan to Disruptive the Travel Insurance Market for the Hispanic Community

Open Insurances for Students

Open Insurances disrupts the insurance Travel Insurance market with a revolutionary approach to online on-demand quoting, coverage comparison and protection.

Open Insurances, the leading travel insurance company based in Miami, FL has announced the launching of their new website that allows any person with the need of a short trip, long trips, family trips and for travel abroad students to quote compare and get insured in a matter of seconds. Their disruptive new approach to travel insurance is designed to save individuals and families a lot of money and to have a hassle-free experience.

“Buying travel insurances has changed with time, but if you look closely most companies offer the same thing with some minor changes,” says owner Juan Carlos Fernandez Aleman. “We are committed to do things differently by providing our valued customers something that gives them great value for money. The key difference between us and other insurance companies is that we listen to our clients carefully and understand their needs better.”

At Open Insurances, they do not treat insurances as a commodity nor do they believe in creating hype. “We have over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, I can say with confidence that I know this industry from the inside-out” says Juan Carlos Fernandez Aleman. “That has allowed us to innovate with proven techniques and apply them online to measure its effectiveness accurately.” 

Open Insurances is using his unrivaled experience and expertise in the insurance industry for crafting specific products that can save families and students serious money. These products can simplify the travel insurance buying process and help them maintain a wonderful relationship with clients in order to truly help them.

Over the years, Open Insurances has helped many families protect their future by offering them low-priced and affordable travel insurance plans. They can enjoy security and peace of mind even when they have to confront an adverse situation while traveling. 

Open Insurances is going on a massive promotional campaign in Latin America by offering quality products and offering online assistance with the help of a top digital agency.

Open Insurances is also expanding its network of agents, that receive excellent commissions, and exclusive master class online training on top of the best products in the industry. 

According to Open Insurances, Companies must evolve constantly to remain afloat in this new economy. 

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About Open Insurances:

We are an advisory company in international health plans and medical assistance to travelers based in Miami, FL, with an emphasis on the Latin American and global market.

We are targeting a segment of travelers of all nationalities who have occasional or frequent trips, executives, families, who travel the world and want to be protected.

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