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In today’s economy, all companies are tech companies. If you are not disrupting in your industry, innovating, being efficient, been easy to use, providing fast reliable services and adding more valuer, you are probably disappearing, even if you have not noticed it yet. It does not matter if you are a Hospital, a School, a family business or a corporation, we are all running now to become digital.

Miami, FL, USA – It seems that today everything is about innovation. Probably it is, but focusing only on how to innovate without understanding what it means, is a recipe for failure. 

Everyone knows that innovation is vital to an organization’s ongoing health. Indeed, the creation of new products, services, processes, and profit models fuels the growth not just of companies but of national and global economies too. 

According to the Digital Marketing Expert, Neron Meiler: “Innovation is not all about technology, or about generating more money with less resources. It is neither and art, nor creativity. We need to move past the myths associated with innovation and understand it in its essence to be able to use it and apply it. Innovation is a capability. But more than that, being innovative is to have a vision and be able to find a process that when put in practice, it will sustain a company’s profitable growth in a unique way.” 

For the past 30 years, innovation in the digital arena has been going straightforward. But mainly focus on applying technology to everything. 

The Digital Revolution refers to the advancement of technology from analog electronic and mechanical devices to the digital technology available today. The era started to during the 1980s and is ongoing. The Digital Revolution also marks the beginning of the Information Era. 

The Digital Revolution is sometimes also called the Third Industrial Revolution. 

The world’s Best Innovators are not just the hot companies of the moment. On the contrary, they are often growing in traditional businesses. Best Innovators are often companies under pressure. Sometimes they face a threat of commoditization to a core product, or they might be contending with new entrants or an upstart technology. 

“Humans are smart-ly lazy. So we make tools to make our life easier. That is not necessarily bad, it leads us to innovation, and although we can argue that we are not smarter or happier now, that what we used to be 1000 years ago; we are moving toward great understanding of the human mind and the universe. We are learning by experiencing and disregarding every aspect of our life and not moving in a straight line to progress. That is probably inefficient, but is how humans have done it so far. Some people thinks we are heading to a Recourse Based Economy, where automation will eliminate labor, money will becomes obsolete, and the daily aim of life is to enjoy ones fulfillment in hobby’s and studying to help enhance human life and restoration of the planet. We are far from that, but we need to start thinking about how we would like our lives to be in 20 or 40 years. We still need money and use innovation to generate it fast. The digital era brought us many innovations, some of them in the form of real products we use every days such us our smartphones, the internet, the cloud, social media, etc. I’m more impressed with the innovations that we come up with to rethink the established process we have to create disruptive ideas.

For example in the area of digital marketing we now have moved away from the traditional product-based advertising and we are now using new tools such as Inbound Marketing, Neuromarketing, Story Telling, Social Media, Viral Content, Digital Signage, SEO Search Engine Optimization, Growth Hacking, Automation E-commerce and many more yet to come.

The digital revolution not only affected products and the process we use to create them, digital disruption has already happened, wreaking on well-established organizations business models as well as changing entire industries. You either innovate, or your business is destined to disappear. Technology is changing everything, including your traditional way of conducting business. As we enter this new era of innovation, collaboration will become a key competitive attribute. It will no longer be enough to be agile and disrupt, we will have to discover and build,” says Neron Meiler. 

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About Neron Meiler 

Neron Meiler is an entrepreneur, Futurist and Digital Strategist. Have envisioned, incubated, developed, launched and led business and teams going to the next level in New Media. He has consulted important companies of the sector. He is the CEO of one of the top Interactive Agencies in Latin America, with 18 Years in the market.

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