Next-gen Live social Audio Broadcasting app “Squable” all set to launch an audio revolution

Squable is a new-age Live social Audio Broadcasting app that will enable users to broadcast and engage with their audience in real time like never before.

New York – July 8, 2019 – Something exciting is waiting for the NYC folks. A NYC Metropolitan-based tech startup has recently launched its revolutionary Live social Audio Broadcasting app that will make broadcasting easier than ever. Titled “Squable”, the mobile app will allow users to broadcast and engage with their audience in real time with just a few taps on their smartphone.

The first-of-its-kind, Squable is designed to stage an audio revolution. For the first time ever, users are getting unique features which they can use to go live and broadcast their voice to engage with their audience in real time.

“We are excited to announce the launch of our next-gen Live social Audio Broadcasting app Squable this week. We are looking forward to create a community that will be open to discussion. Anybody can start a topic here and individuals can queue up to talk and have conversations. It’s somewhat like having your very own radio show where people are calling in. And all this can be done seamlessly right from a handy mobile app”, stated Jose Polanco, the founder and CEO of Squable.

The app is somewhat like a radio but with more benefits.

“With a Radio, the talk show host would introduce a topic and talk about it. The audience here has to hear the conversation and they can’t always take part in it. But, it’s different with Squable. With our new breakthrough app, the user can broadcast live audio with his/her subscribers and they can actively respond (for instance, by queuing up) to the broadcast in real time.”

In regards to topics for broadcasting, there is no limitation. Squable users have the liberty to start a broadcast on any topic here, ranging from food to fashion to sports and so on. 

“One of the best bits about Squable is that you can utilize it to speak and converse about any topic you wish to. From beauty to art, from gaming to music, from food to entertainment- the sky is the limit when you want to choose a topic for broadcasting. Our app is a wonderful way to find a group of like-minded friends and create a healthy community based on shared interests”, added in Mr. Polanco.

Unique features of Squable

  • High quality live audio streaming from mobile phone
  • App allows easy broadcasting anytime that can be shared live directly with other users
  • Users can also record and save their broadcast that they can share, export or playback later
  • Live speaking with audience during broadcast sessions
  • Users can make use of free chatbox for interaction if  don’t want to speak live on broadcast
  • More to come

Squable even enables users to subscribe to their favorite broadcasters and they would be notified when these broadcasters will go live. 

The app is currently available for Android and iOS users. For more, please visit

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