Tasha Manaenkova Making Revolutions in the World of Photography

Tasha Manaenkova studio photography brings your imaginations into being.

Tasha Manaenkova Photography announces the availability of its innovative studio photography which aims in transforming stories and experience by effectively empowering you to connect to the “real world” in a personalized digital platform. It has been an incredible year of amazing photographic concept and innovations from Tasha ManaenkovaPhotography. The photography company fan base has increased significantly as well as a fast growth in the world of photography. Tasha Manaenkova intends to always offer the same quality photographic shoots they are been known for in many decades to come.

Tasha Manaenkova

As Tasha Manaenkova will say “A photo is a manifestation of how we see and our vision is one of the most important characteristics of who we are today”. Tasha Manaenkova photography style shows beautiful detailed still-lives, emits distinctive emotive influence over the viewer, kidnapping their senses and whisking one’s imagination into dreamlike realms.

The Photography of Tasha Manaenkova exhibit includes works in a number of beauty, fashion and lifestyle showcasing beautiful landscapes, large-scale colorful black and white works. At Tasha Manaenkova they create custom backgrounds of photos taken in their studios or in any location of client’s convenience to fit in their aspirations and varieties to display the beauty of nature, wild life or even tourism all over the world.

Tasha Manaenkova photography has earned them many positives reviews for example “I had a photo shoot with Tasha Manaenkova in Paris and had the most amazing fun. Tasha Manaenkova is a visionary and professional. She embellished my photographs with awe inspiring artwork! My outfits burst from the ordinary into extraordinary. Her imagination knows no bounds.” said Kath Louis and overwhelmed client of Tasha Manaenkova photography.

About Tasha Manaenkova

Tasha Manaenkova

Tasha Manaenkova is a talented and ambitious Photographer and also the Co-founder of Agency 13. With an impressive portfolio, spanning and ever growing customer base across the globe. Her creative and innovative imagery speaks for itself. Tasha excels in capturing the essence of his client’s needs together with his years of experience and intellect she is able to interpret specific requirements for individual project, making the photo shoot experience and indeed photography exciting. Couple with drive and passion she is unstoppable

For more information and booking, visit https://tashamanaenkova.com/ or call 8-985-725-42-30

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