Plans In Motion To Start Veladero Expansion By The End Of 2019

According to the CEO of Barrick, it was reported that the company is looking forward to beginning the expansion of Veladero by the end of 2019. In order to develop the operations at Veladero, the company has expressed its interest in investing millions of dollars.

As per the reports, a meeting was held with the Shandong Gold Group at the Government House which fixed in the deal of expansion of the Veladero mine.

According to local authorities, Veladero needed to make improvements in the control of the pipelines. And that’s the main reason that the company is looking forward to building a power supply line, build a new leaching valley as well as develop the landing strip in the area itself. And this would lead to about 1,200 job openings during the course of the expansion. The request for investment was approved by China’s Shandong Gold and Canada’s Barrick, thereby setting the plans in motion.

The main idea behind this entire move is to make Veladero stand out as the mining pole of the whole Valley Of The Cure. The leaching valley currently is only 270 hectares, and that will simply allow the placement of the mineral until the end of 2019. And that’s the idea behind expanding the leaching valley in order to extend the life of the mine till 2028.

Laying an electric line will make way for the replacement of the electricity coming from the diesel. This project will lead to two benefits:

  • Reducing the costs
  • Lowering of the carbon footprints leading to no harm to the environment.

Building an airstrip area will totally speed up the security and supplies provision in the entire area.

All of these tasks will open up a total of 1,200 job vacancies. According to reports, Veladero looks forward to conquering the entire sector by making the required improvements in the required sectors. And if these plans stay in motion, will be successful in conquering all of its goals in the end.

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