NHU: High-quality raw materials enhance nutritional quality, and multiple nutrients balance healthy living

Though balanced nutrition is a necessary for human health, under the influence of various factors such as life pressure and dietary bias, the number of sub-healthy people continues to increase. Eating nutrients to supplement the lack of nutritive elements in the human body has become a great choice for many people.

The production of nutrition products are inseparable from fine chemical engineering. High-quality raw materials and advanced technologies are the basis of the output of high-quality nutrition products. The nutrition industry is developing day by day with the increase of people’s demand for it.

NHU is committed to improving nutritional quality with high-quality raw material and promoting the sustainable and healthy development of mankind.

We produce high-quality ingredients

NHU produces food additives, feed additives, and health products, etc. All these products can promote healthy growth of livestock and poultry and make the food more nutritious. In addition, NHU is one of the world’s three major manufacturers that has synthetic patents and preparation patents for carotenoid products such as β-carotene, lycopene and lutein.

In the production and output process of the product, NHU adheres to the philosophy of “high-quality raw materials to improve nutritional quality”, and always pays attention to safety and environmental protection to meet the high-quality needs of clients and consumers. From NHU’s perspective, producing high-quality materials can be crucial if the company wants to satisfy their clients, and it is the basic for humans to safely and efficiently consume nutrients.

Multiple nutrients balance healthy living

In order to maintain a healthy life for a long time, people need not only high-quality nutritional products but also diverse nutritional products. While paying attention to the high quality of its products, NHU has also launched a variety of nutritional products to meet the body’s needs for various nutrients.

D-Biotin, which also called Biotin H, is one of NHU’s products which can be used in animal premix and compound feed to improve animal immunity, the meat quality and reduce the incidence of hoof disease. NHU established a team in 2002 to research on the new process and successfully achieve the green production of D-Biotin through more than 10 years. The new synthetic route pushes NHU to a new level of green development and can meet the needs of clients and the society better.

In addition to D-Biotin, NHU also produces astaxanthin, feed grade DL-methionine and so on. These high-quality raw materials are added to the feed to maintain the health of animal and improve animal’s value, and to guarantee the protein and energy needed for the child to grow thereby improving people’s quality of life.

To create more value

As an important vitamin and carotenoid producer in the industry, NHU takes innovation as the driving force for its development. It has developed a variety of advanced processes that all play an important role in producing high-quality products.

NHU will keep moving and continue to produce various ingredients in high-quality. Remembering to supplement people’s life, NHU is always trying its best to help people grow healthily.

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