Official Launch of 2020 Global Zodiac Design Competition (Gengzi Year of the Rat)

On May 31, 2019 of Beijing, “2020 Global Zodiac Design Competition” was officially launched on the Luoke platform. Jointly hosted by Beijing Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau and Central Academy of Fine Arts and jointly undertaken by Beijing Overseas Cultural Exchanges Center and LKK Academy of Creative Design, this Competition provides a professional competition platform for cultural exchange of Chinese zodiac.

The 12 Chinese zodiac animals are important symbols in Chinese national culture, representing good luck, harmony and happiness, which give birth to many cultural phenomena closely related to social life. 2020 Global Zodiac Design Competition (Gengzi Year of the Rat) takes the Chinese zodiac “rat” as design theme. As for the Chinese Zodiac, “rat” ranks first among these twelve animals, and rat in the Chinese tradition is adorable, small but cute, with superior intelligence and tenacious vitality.

Based on the experience and successes of the last five sessions, this competition attracts many elite designers and witnesses numerous outstanding works featured with cultural creativity. And under this background, 2020 Global Zodiac Design Competition (Gengzi Year of the Rat) is fully launched now to call for and collect excellent design works throughout the world, wherein the Competition hopes to communicate with global designers by use of their designs integrating creative understanding and interpretation on the Chinese Zodiac Rat so as to better spread, exchange the excellent designs and the relevant zodiac images among different regions and cultures.

2020 Global Zodiac Design Competition (Gengzi Year of the Rat) organizing committee will hire senior designers to give the comprehensive assessments, which based on the principle of “open, just, equitable, and rigorous,” and the usable, producible, environmental, and beautiful standard. The designers will also consider the creation, practicability, and functionality of the products as the essential elements of the competition.

As the award-winning works are expected to visit many countries and regions as part of the 2020 Chinese “Happy Spring Festival” series, we hereby invite domestic and foreign designers for this Competition.

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