PBC – Changing the Future of the Exchange

In 2019, block chain technology continues to be hot, and technology giants have introduced block chain-related applications. The decentralization of block chain is a major feature of this technology. It means that the influence between nodes and nodes will form nonlinearity through the network. Causality is an open, flat, and equal system structure. This structure is simple and real-time, which effectively solves the disadvantage of payment.

More and more merchants are receiving digital currency such as bitcoin, using multiple digital currencies as payment medium. PBC seized the opportunity to launch a multi-distribution platform for digital currency exchange to complete the trading of digital assets in digital currency. Provides an API interface to third-party payment applications through the PBC service for developers to access, support horizontal and smooth expansion of business models, and achieve diversified business model access. PBC ensure the security and stability of asset transactions through cross-chain asset transfer and encryption technology .PBC provides financial services such as digital asset-based redemption, payment, settlement, deposit and loan for institutions and individuals by connecting users, businesses and banks. PBC is committed to providing a convenient and secure investment channel for investors in block chain assets, standardizing access procedures, avoiding the tedious work in the exchange process, breaking traditional thinking and creating the greatest wealth for the market through new technologies, providing global users with a wealth of block chain asset trading services.

Moreover, PBC has cooperated with internationally renowned banks, payment service providers and enterprises to provide new global financial settlement solutions. Through the protection of the block chain-based infrastructure provided by PBC, more people can enjoy richer digital financial services.

The PBC aims to establish an open decentralized network that uses distributed ledger technology to achieve cross-border payments and transaction settlement, and open up international payment barriers. PBC combines cashless, card-free transactions and digital asset storage, payment and settlement to serve the global digital payment industry more broadly, enabling seamless connectivity between digital and physical worlds, allowing users touse digital currency in various trading consumption scenarios and truly activate the user’s digital assets. The development of the FBC will create a new pattern of digital asset payment era. It is precisely because of this that the FBC has a wide range of social values in addition to its technological advantages.

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