Stellerro™ is an alternative investment banking platform and a Digital securities underwriter. Stellerro™ was built in order to stand as the threshold between the traditional capital markets and the innovative world of tokenized securities backed by Blockchain technology.

Self-founded in mid-2018 by an experienced group of Blockchain veteran entrepreneurs from capital markets & fintech industries, Stellerro™ believes that as the blockchain ecosystem matures, regulated digital offerings will become easier to access and invest in.

Ever-advancing technology, binding legal structure and automated-transparent approach alongside enhanced value propositions such as reduced locking periods and soft entry barriers for private capital investors, are bringing better Liquidation & Tradability and attracting key players in multiple industries, including Nasdaq and Forbes to feel the same.

Stellerro™ successfully developed its issuance, investors’ onboarding and asset-management platform in 2018 and intends to raise €5,000,000 from its security token regulated funding round to enable the firm further R&D and global business development operations.

Stellerro’s public offering began on the 17th of June with over a quarter of the tokens have already been sold through its initial private round. The offering will be available to the public until August 17th, 2019.

Stellerro’s Initial Exchange Offering on ExMarkets adds another layer to the project’s liquidity. The IEO will launch on the 8th of July and will last until the 16th of August. ExMarkets users will be able to purchase STRO tokens with Ethereum, Bitcoin, Euros and Beam tokens.

A few key points about Stellerro:

Safe. Stellerro’s token issuance technology follows ERC-20 & ERC-1400 protocols for the tokenization of digital securities. Ethereum blockchain provides the best-known practice today for the three most important aspects of a digital asset: Security, Functionality and Efficiency. 

Innovative. With more than $500 trillion dollars in illiquid assets, the lack of liquidity is a pain point for private investors all over the world. It leads to serious volatile and significant loss of value. Stellerro™ aims close this gap by bringing liquidity to the digital era on all tiers.

Compliant. Legal limitations and strict regulations are a struggle for businesses looking to raise private capital. Top-tier law & audit partners worldwide provide Stellerro’s customers with an innovative solution, ensuring the right underwriting, compliance & distribution processes of numerous regulated jurisdictions is done adequately.

Check out the company’s Pager, Deck, LightPaper & 24/7 Telegram group, and view full details of the crowdsale.

For inquiries about partnerships, tokenizing your asset or other initiatives, contact the team at [email protected].

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