The TK419 is the latest technology 4G LTE Vehicle GPS tracker

The new tracker fully supports 4G LTE, 3G WCDMA, 2G GSM mobile networks. It can be used for all types of vehicles as well as expensive machinery and boats.

One of the most impressive new vehicle trackers which can be used to locate, track and monitor any remote target via SMS, PC Computer or Mobile APP has been launched by SHENZHEN EELINK. The TK419 4G LTE, 3G WCDMA, 2G GSM vehicle tracker which supports remotely ignition and fuel cut off can be used to locate motorbikes, boats, expensive machinery, personal and commercial vehicles.

The new tracker has been designed to utilise all the latest technology. This affordable tracker can be used as a security device for those that have cars, motorbikes, and even bikes. In the event the vehicle has been stolen, the owner can see its exact location and inform the police. Thanks to the important security feature that comes with the TK419 4G LTE tracker the owner of the vehicle can remotely cut off the fuel and ignition to stop the vehicle in its tracks. This is an important feature and one that can help the safe return of the vehicle instead of it being stripped down and sold for parts.

The new TK419 4G LTE tracker has become an important device for fleet management. The tracker allows fleet management to see where their vehicles are at any given time. This allows them to be able to inform customers of the exact time they can expect a delivery or pick up, and it can also help drivers to avoid traffic jams and accidents. The device has a feature that allows fleet management to check for historical routes that the vehicle has taken.

Since being launched, the tracker which has lots of different benefits which can all be seen here ( has gained positive reviews by professional reviewers and those that have bought and used the new tracker.

To learn more about the new tracker and how it is helping vehicle owners keep their property secure and how it is helping fleet management, please visit


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