A Royal Loss, A Prince Truth Documentary, Answers Questions Surrounding The Death Of Prolific Musician Prince

“With newfound interviews, consultations, and independent research, A Royal Loss goes behind the scenes to address the loss of the most prolific musician of our lifetime, Prince, and challenge his official cause of death through objective facts and analysis.”

A Royal Loss, a Prince Truth Documentary, is now crowdfunding on GoFundMe.com. A Royal Loss pursues a quest for truth as it recounts the life and loss of a prolific music icon, Prince, whose hits like Purple Rain made him a musical sensation worldwide.

Featuring research and analysis of 84,000 documents, interviews, videos, and photographs, researchers paint a vivid picture of Prince’s life and final moments, and ultimately reject the notion that the famed music icon died of an accidental drug overdose. Prince had enough fentanyl in his system, to kill 8,000 men his size … How is that an accident?

An independent film free of outside influence, A Royal Loss uses objective facts and analysis to challenge rumors surrounding the circumstances of Prince’s death and the icon’s final moments. With consultations from independent doctors, investigators, researches, family and friends, viewers will be exposed to new interviews, information, and research that critically challenges what they believe they know about Prince’s death.

“I’m producing this documentary, not to make money, but out of my love for Prince’s music and his legacy,” said A Royal Loss Director and Executive Producer, Benjamin Phillips. “With new facts, interviews, and investigative journalistic findings coming to light, we can finally uncover the truth and show viewers what ultimately transpired in Prince’s final moments.”

The GoFundMe campaign seeks to raise $70,000 for this independent film, which includes all associated costs for research, consultation, filming, and distribution to audiences worldwide. Generous donations from supporters and fans around the world will make production possible. With a dedicated team assembled, inclusive of a director and executive producer, all that is required is the generous financial support of fans around the world so the truth surrounding the life and death of famed music icon, Prince, can finally be uncovered.

For more information on the documentary or to make a generous contribution towards its development, please visit the GoFundMe page for A Royal Loss here.

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