A new German invention: Drinking water may have a new effect on the human body

Recently, the first brand of bottle used to lose weight named Smart Flask was formally released to the global market. It is jointly developed by the German science and technology giant JOHN&HANCOCK and Ruprecht-Karls—Universität Heidelberg. Its invention marked that German high-tech industry, well-known for its craftsmanship, realized another advancement in the aspect of human’s health around the world. It is reported that the brand-new bottle is capable of turning the common running water into a magic water which can hydrate and dissolve fat. This special feature makes it a global hit after releasing.

Carisa Janes is a popular makeup sharing blogger in America with millions of followers. A week ago, she successfully bought a J&H Smart Flask and became the earliest user of the magic bottle.

Carisa Janes said, “It is a magic cup, since the water processed by it has a special sweet taste. We, as the makeup sharing bloggers, need to put on a lot of cosmetics which will do great harm to our skin. But several days after I drank the water dealt by the bottle, I find my skin looks better than before. So now I am waiting to see its weight-losing effect.”

Reporter got the news that the J&H Smart Flask is a research fruit of the scientists from Ruprecht-Karls—Universität Heidelberg, which is a top-class medical university around the world, and has cultivated 41 Nobel Prize winners. And the producer of the bottle is JOHN&HANCOCK, a s&t giant in Germany.

So, what makes this bottle so special?

First of all, there are actual evidence proving that the cup is really effective as is boosted. The research team of the university told reporter that they discovered a strange phenomenon that the figure of female living in Bavaria is much better than that of female living in the rest of Germany. Through research, they find the answer. It is because the residents there have been long time drinking the spring water flowing down from the south of the Alps.

The water there will be resolved into smaller molecular groups by a special ancient mineral stone. Such kind of magnetized water will continuously release magnesium ion, oxygen ion and microelements with slight alkalescency when entering in the human body, help dissolve the toxin in the gut or elsewhere in our body, and eventually bring an antioxidant effect, which in return is beneficial to our skin. In addition, with the outstanding penetration power, such active water can clean the vessel wall, dissolve oil, and even capable of balancing high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia, and is significantly beneficial to human health. After discovering the secret, Ruprecht-Karls—Universität Heidelberg took hands with JOHN&HANCOCK, spent eight years combining the ancient mineral stone with the sophisticated production of Germany, going through numerous market tests, and ultimately was approved to sell the product in the market in the recent time.

Except for the mineral-stone-made body, the producer also equipped this smart cup with AI intelligent system. Relevant principals introduced that the latest Internet of things (IOT) technology was adopted in the product to carry out a real-time supervision on the water temperature and the active state of the water, and remind user through different colors on the cover. In this way, the customer can drink the best active water with the best temperature.

“Through eight-year research and development, this water bottle was formally put into more than 30 markets ranging from Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand to China recently,” the marketing principal of JOHN&HANCOCK headquarters, John told the reporter.

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