Frsky Electronics Announces the Release of New Upgraded Compact Transmitters Taranis X-Lite S and Pro

Frsky Electronics Announces the Release of New Upgraded Compact Transmitters Taranis X-Lite S and Pro
Pilots face a lot of challenges during flights. FrSky Electronics has just released the new upgraded compact transmitters with features that reduced latency while increasing performance

Jiangsu, China – FrSky Electronics is proud to announce the launch of their Taranis X-Lite Pro radio transmitter. These are full-sized radios that combine all the features of the preceding models to deliver an upgraded design that offers advanced control and speed capacity.

Taranis X-Lite Pro radio transmitter has 24 channels and weighs at least 390 grams, with battery, making it a compact, lightweight performer for all sorts of RC activities.

Impressive features of the new models are ergonomic and compact design, backlit LCD, high-speed module, enhanced RF performance, all-metal CNC machined hall sensor gimbal, and so on.

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For any passionate pilot, the new Taranis X-Lite S and Pro release is all they need to achieve the most satisfy flights ever. Apart from the compact features that make it handy and simplistic, the transmitters now have new communication features that are just mind-blowing.

One of the most notable develops is the inclusion of ACCESS (Advanced Communication Control, Elevated Spread Spectrum) protocol. Latency is a serious issue that many pilots face during flight, which can be very frustrating at times. ACCESS is designed for lower latency and enhanced performance. With the addition of the new power meter and spectrum analysis function added to the OpenTX firmware, detecting RF noise is now easy.

Also included in the new upgrade is the integrated 6-axis sensor unit. It allows pilots to use the motion-sensing controller to control the inputs or point the camera in the right direction. All features of the old models are still available in this new upgrade including portable form factor design, haptic vibration alerts and voice speech outputs, and replaceable battery compartment design.

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Additional features that make the new Taranis X-Lite S and Pro release great are:

  • Longer range with 40% enhanced performance
  • PARA wireless training system
  • Compatibility with FrSky Free Link App and AirLink S via mobile devices
  • 24 channels and an additional 2 momentary buttons
  • High-efficiency quick-charge system
  • Haptic vibration alerts and voice speech outputs
  • Longer telemetry range
  • Accurate SWR indicator
  • Compatible with ACCESS and ACCST D16 receivers

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