Distributed E-Commerce: A New Commercial Civilization

In recent years, during the “Double 11” and “618” shopping carnivals, Taobao, Tmall and JD transaction volumes have rocketed. Especially in 2018, the commodities turnover for the major e-commerce platforms increased rapidly through “618” e-commerce promotion. While centralized e-commerce has created beautiful transcripts, other e-commerce platforms find it difficult to obtain user flow while their customer acquisition costs remain high and consumer rights cannot be well protected. This create a sharp contrast between “prosperity and decline”. As a matter of fact, the centralized e-commerce is prominent in the current pain point, and its difficulty to obtain potential developments. On the other hand, the popularity of decentralized distributed e-commerce networks is inevitable.

The potential of distributed e-commerce

The root cause for the large gap between “prosperity and decline” is that the centralized e-commerce company born in the Internet era concentrates user flow, customers, and profits on itself, and enjoys the gradually accumulated traffic and benefits it brings. At the same time, it raises the entry barriers of other e-commerce companies, forming a monopoly situation. The centralized e-commerce model has a series of problems from information asymmetry between merchants and consumers, malicious malpractices, to inconsistencies. These problems are suspected of deceiving consumers, causing loss of consumer rights and causing a credit crisis. A distributed e-commerce platform based on blockchain can solve this series of problems by utilizing the characteristics of decentralization.

Distributed E-Commerce – New Commercial Civilization

How to break the monopoly of centralized e-commerce, so that all e-commerce platforms, businesses and consumers can enjoy the value brought by the growth and development of the e-commerce industry?

The distributed e-commerce model gives its own answer. In Bitcherry distributed e-commerce mode, all merchant will be presented in a decentralized network structure that each subject stay in an equal status. They are able to share resources such as customer flow, greatly reducing the cost of customer acquisition, the speed of network effects, and improving business efficiency. Through this, each node can create more business value and generate more user flow and resources to our ecology. Bitcherry ecology itself will gradually become a massive flow and resource pool. While creating value for nodes through various activities, nodes also contribute to other nodes in the ecology. At the same time, the nodes that make contribution will obtain effective incentives from the ecology as value feedback, which will be more motivating to contribute to the ecology.

Bitcherry distributed e-commerce is to realize value creation in the process of combining strong entities, expanding the ecology, growing together and contributing to each other. The business entities with equal status will break the monopoly of the current centralized e-commerce and jointly establish a new type of production relationship.

Technical support for distributed e-commerce

BitCherry will lead into the block chain 4.0 era, advancing from both blockchain technology and distributed e-commerce, and build a network structure to adapt to the distributed commercial businesses to its de-centralization. In BitCherry, each business unit is a node, and all the nodes together constitute BitCherry ecology. BitCherry will utilize distributed books to share information and value within the ecology, significantly reduce transaction costs with smart contract, and consensus mechanism to ensure ensure the ecological incentives of each contributing node. On the basis of the growth and development of each node, the ecological growth will eventually be realized.

Distributed e-commerce will change the cruel situation of “big fish-eating small fish” in the traditional business world. Every distributed node in the Bitcherry ecology will cooperate in a unified way, breaking monopoly and creating great value. At present, distributed commerce is in the dawn of the outbreak, a new commercial era will come and a new commercial civilization will be created.

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