Luxury Colon Cleanse Retreat Dynamic Detox Adds Additional Dates for its Detox Programme

Balearic Island, Majorca – Dynamic Detox, a world-renowned colonic irrigation and intestinal cleanse retreat, recently announced the addition of new booking dates for its treatment programme. The resort is located within the Iberostar Grand Hotel in Majorca. It has added 20–28 July and 3–11 August 2019, to its programme calendar. Dynamic Detox announced the move in order to accommodate higher demand from clientele.

In the nine-day programme, participants receive private consultations and treatments from Raaul Cohen, founder of Dynamic Detox. Cohen is an experienced colonic hydrotherapist, living and working in Majorca since 1999. Each programme at the resort accepts only six clients per session. The combination of limited availability and in-depth holistic treatments attracts clients from around the globe, including celebrities and politicians. Dynamic Detox hopes to meet demand for the best colon cleanse and gut treatments by adding new sessions in July and August.

Individuals will often join a detox retreat – or detox holiday, as some call it – as a way to address myriad health issues. Dynamic Detox combines different treatments, including juice fasts, enemas, and personalised nutrition counselling. These purportedly induce mental clarity and physical refreshment via a thorough bowel cleanse and for many people unwanted weight falls away.

As more research emerges, medical professionals increasingly agree that a well-functioning gut is critical for good health. The human gut houses hundreds of types of bacteria, some of which may be detrimental to wellness. Harmful gut bacteria is linked to diseases like cancer, diabetes, inflammatory bowel diseases, and more. Enemas, fasts, and colonic cleanses are thought to clear our harmful bacteria from the body while promoting the growth of helpful bacteria.

After the treatment concludes, Dynamic Detox clients often report relief from a variety of chronic conditions such as asthma, digestive problems, headaches, yeast infections and as well as feeling generally healthier and more active. This, Raaul says, is the ultimate goal of his programme – improving wellbeing through a gut cleanse and personalised nutritional planning. Those interested in booking a stay at Dynamic Detox can visit the official website to view availability for all future sessions.

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Dynamic Detox is a luxury resort for gut detoxification and bowel cleanses, based in Majorca. Raaul Cohen, an internationally-renowned hydrotherapist and naturopath, runs the detox programme.

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