Astrology 42 Teaches Readers How to Prepare for Upcoming Mercury Retrograde

Astrology 42 Teaches Readers How to Prepare for Upcoming Mercury Retrograde

San Diego, CA – Since the rise of social media, Astrology has become trendy among those fascinated with their own birth charts. As a result, Astrology 42 is gaining popularity as a resource for those interested in learning more about themselves and making everyday decisions, completely based on the stars.

Lately, they’ve focused on preparing readers for the upcoming mercury retrograde, an astrological phenomenon that can rattle a person if they’re not prepared for it.

For beginners to astrology, this site offers a guide about astrological signs and what they mean. Their guide breaks down the basics concepts of astrology that inform a person’s birth chart, which describes how each planet affects each individual’s personality. Astrology 42 recommends that beginners familiarize themselves with these introductory concepts before learning about planetary retrogrades. In particular mercury’s retrograde, which will take place this year from July 7th to July 31st.

For seasoned readers ready to study up, Astrology 42 goes into great detail on what a “retrograde” is, and the effects that it could have in day-to-day life. According to the site, a “retrograde” is a period of time when a planet seems to be rotating backwards. However what is actually happening is that the Earth is finishing its orbit faster than the other planets. Therefore, the planet in retrograde seems to be moving backwards even though it is actually moving slower.

As a result, Astrologists believe that retrogrades lead us to feel as if our lives are out of balance. Because the upcoming mercury retrograde will happen throughout July, those ruled by cancer signs will be heavily affected.

Astrology 42 prepares readers for how mercury retrograde can affect day-to-day life: phones don’t work properly, computer crash, problems or misunderstandings in relationships arise, and delays in travel affect plans and vacation.

Not only does they explain what to expect during this time, but they also prepare readers for how to deal with the effects of planetary shifts. According to Astrology 42, mercury retrograde has a huge effect on decision-making. They advise not to make any big purchases or sign any important documents during this time. They also suggest avoiding big travel plans, new relationships, and new jobs until the retrograde is over.

In addition to pages of articles about planetary alignment and zodiac sign analysis, Astrology 42 also offers an Astrology coach. By looking at people’s birth information, a coach can pinpoint an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, and guide readers accordingly.

With a goal in mind to help people live their best lives, Astrology 42 goes to great lengths to prepare everyone for anything to come during retrograde. They hope they can help all their readers make the best decisions possible based on an awareness of the stars.

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