DUI-AD Aggressively Defends Those Who Have Been Charged With Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol, Drugs, And/Or Medication

DUI-AD Aggressively Defends Those Who Have Been Charged With Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol, Drugs, And/Or Medication
There are multitude of defenses to DUI charges!

California, USA – DUI-AD is a law firm that specializes in defending individuals who have been charged with driving under influence. “I have never met an attorney like you in my life. When people call us I tell them. You have a great soul” and “You’ve been amazing!!! Thank you for all your help” and “You are the best DUI attorney!” are just some of the testimonials of many satisfied clients.

Sol Danny Khorsandi is a DUI Defense Lawyer whose primary objective is to zealously defend his clients who have been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, and/or medication.

Sol Danny Khorsandi is an experienced professional who understands the emotional turmoil his clients are experiencing when they seek his expertise. The testimonials shared by his clients speak volumes about the quality of the services he provides.

In his words: “I specialize in very aggressive DUI defense. My representation is based on the individual and the best defenses available in their case. I actively research all potential defenses, thoroughly investigate the circumstance, file the appropriate motions, consult with and hire the best experts and investigators, and I keep at the cutting edge of DUI defense so that my clients receive superb representation. There are as many potential defenses as there are facts and clients. When enough potentially viable attacks are compiled and intelligently and aggressively pursued, that will wear down the government’s evidence, and the case against the client becomes weaker and weaker, which can lead to dismissal or acquittal.”

Sol Danny Khorsandi, who is a DUI Lawyer In Los Angeles, actively shares his knowledge and expertise on his website. The following is a small sample of potential defenses that may be used in DUI cases:

  • Did the officer have reasonable suspicion to stop the driver, or probable cause to arrest?   
  • Were the field sobriety tests administered properly? Timing? Location? Audio / Video recordings available?       
  • Was blood drawn in accordance with accepted medical practices?  
  • Presence of preservative and anticoagulant? Refrigeration and fermentation issues? Whole blood, serum, plasma tested?          
  • Chain of custody issues? When, where, how, who, and in which facility sample tested? Certified?           
  • Was the breathalyzer calibrated and properly administered by a qualified person? Title 17 Violations? 15 minute observation / deprivation period? 2 samples within .02 range?    
  • Was a warrant obtained? If not, any exceptions to the warrant requirement? Consent issues? Were proper admonitions given to the driver?       
  • Client’s genetic make up and possible conditions (e.g., GERD, diabetes, injuries, etc.)       

And the list goes on and on for a willing client and a talented lawyer. An eBook “DUI Legal Guide – CA” is available on the website for download.

Sol Danny Khorsandi’s vast knowledge immensely helps his clients facing DUI charges. Depending on the case and the situation there are a myriad of defenses that DUI defense attorney Sol Danny Khorsandi can implement in aggressively defending his clients.

DUI-AD’s Mission Statement speaks for itself: “Our primary objective is to provide each client with superior legal representation resulting in acquittal, dismissal, or other favorable result.”

About The Law Firm:

DUI-AD is located in Los Angeles and specializes in defending clients charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, drug, and/or medication.

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