Explains What It’s Really Like to Travel on a Megayacht Explains What It’s Really Like to Travel on a Megayacht

Most people can only imagine what it’s like to experience a megayacht, or any type of yacht for that matter. It’s the type of thing that you dream about, but never really think you’ll see in real life. As it turns out, according to, there are different ways to spend time on a megayacht without breaking the bank. There are companies like Northrop & Johnson that offer discounts on short trips and even individuals that lease out their yacht for different events, including overnight stays.

Before making the assumption that you cannot afford a yacht, you should get the facts because you might be surprised. There are reputable companies offering experiences that are literally award-winning. Having been a trusted source for amazing events for decades, they offer yachts, superyachts, and megayachts. For instance, Icon’s largest superyacht is a 276-foot stunner with more wine storage than your cellar.

As you have probably imagined, the kind of people that own yachts are usually millionaires and billionaires with a lot of disposable income. It’s been reported that many yacht owners are executives in Fortune 100 companies, entertainers and sports figures. This is not surprising given the cost of a yacht. They are not just expensive to purchase, there’s also a significant cost for fueling and maintaining a yacht. It’s estimated that a yacht costs millions of dollars to maintain every year. Many people prefer to rent a yacht because they want to experience it periodically, without incurring the cost of maintenance. This is primarily because it’s something they will probably only enjoy on special occasions.

There has been a lot of information published about life on a yacht from the perspective of crew members. They often speak of the fun that can be had on a regular basis when you work on a yacht. From the captain to the entertainment, it’s easy to get in on the excitement when you’re miles away from land and want to cultivate a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. Whether you work on a yacht or lease one for a weekend, you can experience the best type of luxury that exists.

Spending time on a yacht isn’t like what you experience on a cruise ship. It’s a more intimate experience that focuses on amazing meals and socializing with others. There’s often a lot of dancing and entertainment. One of the top reasons why people charter a yacht is for a wedding or some other life-changing event. Companies are now renting yachts more frequently for corporate events, especially when it comes to celebrating sales and growth. If you’ve been thinking about chartering yachts, it might be more affordable than you imagined.

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