Big data changes the world landscape, and Yiyun Chain is changing the big data pattern

As we all know, the era of big data has arrived. With the gradual maturity of technologies such as 5G and AI, the magnitude and ability of human society to generate, acquire and process data will usher in a new leap, and the data economy will come to a new stage of development.

People’s daily behavior is closely related to the Internet. Every time people use the Internet, they will be recorded. As of 2012, the amount of data recorded by big data has reached the ZB level (1ZB = 11 trillion TB).

According to the research results of International Data Corporation (IDC), the amount of data in 2011 has reached 1.82ZB, which is equivalent to more than 200GB of data generated by each person in the world. The consumption and business investment in data volume has reached an astonishing Billions of dollars, and by 2020, the world will produce 44 times the size of today’s data, and the global demand for data usage begins to grow at a quantitative level.

However, we are still in the early stages of the Internet of Things, and data is generated with a series of issues, such as ownership of data ownership, data leakage, data authenticity and quality, and data incentives.

YiYun Chain(YCO)can effectively solve the above problems. YCO is an economic base chain dedicated to the data field. Its unique honeycomb big data platform can be used for Dapp under various blockchain main chains. The data is monitored and processed, cleaned, mined, modeled and self-learned by more than 6 million data throughput per minute, enabling YCO users to obtain high-value business data directly from the platform, saving The user has a huge amount of data filtering time. For example, YCO will open the content data service interface. Through this service interface, users can freely call data such as content details, user preferences, and content quality. Moreover, this data service interface integrates data on the PC side and the mobile phone side, and comprehensively reflects the details of the content section, and can obtain the information that one wants with one click.

The most important thing is that YCO has a new big data processing paradigm of parallel disc printing. It can generate virtual data from the actual data and virtual data through virtual and real interaction, and establish a more effective data evolution mechanism and method. In the process of data statistics and transmission, we can use the blockchain technology to add unique time stamps in every link to ensure the accuracy of each link. If any link is wrong, we can quickly find the root cause of the problem. Greatly improve the accuracy of the data and the efficiency of the user.

When the data processing technology changes dramatically, in the era of big data, our thinking needs to change, and the data age needs data rights. Security is the first priority, and rights are given priority. The data comes from users, but can’t unconditionally transfer data rights. YiYun Chain has become the leader of Big Data Age 3.0, and its future is unpredictable and will surely go down in history!

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