Eastern Suburb Memory Wins the Title of “Chengdu International Fashion Industrial Park” and Starts its Transformation from Today on

The much-anticipated “Da Vinci” finally landed in Chengdu.

On July 11, 2019, “Da Vinci IN Chengdu” International Experience Exhibition of Light and Shadow Art will be officially open for the public in Eastern Suburb Memory, which will last three months and end on October 10, 2019.

After “Chengdu Pompidou International Urban Art Biennale” held in November last year, it will be another international art exhibition held in Eastern Suburb Memory integrated of art, technology and fashion on the occasion of celebrating the 500th anniversary of Da Vinci, the Italian art giant, which will also be a big event for Chengdu as a world cultural renowned city to blend with the well-known international art.

“Da Vinci IN Chengdu” International Experience Exhibition of Light and Shadow Art is an art exhibition held by Chengdu Media Group to promote the exchange and cooperation between the culture of the abundant land and the Italian culture. Through the advanced new media audio-visual digital technology in the world and the extremely amusing immersive exhibition experience, visitors can have access to the mind of the great talented artist to know about his painting works and his exploration and harvest in astronomy, geography, medicine, architecture, nature, water conservancy, machinery, military and other fields. Besides, involved in the essence of the culture of the abundant land, the exhibition will display “the Beauty of the Abundant Land”, which will not only show the solar divine bird, the golden mask, the golden frog and other cultural relics housed in Jinsha Site Museum, the most representative museum in Chengdu, representing the origin of the history of the abundant land, but also 14 pieces of cherished embroideries of Zhang Daqian, one of artists in the abundant land with the involvement of the classic Sichuan opera face-changing elements.

What’s more, on the opening day of “Da Vinci IN Chengdu” International Experience Exhibition of Light and Shadow Art, Eastern Suburb Memory will usher in the key moment of award ceremony. In other words, the leading group of Chengdu reform of cultural administrative system and development of cultural industry will announce the decision of naming the Music Park of Eastern Suburb Memory as “Chengdu International Fashion Industrial Park, Eastern Suburb Memory”.


High-tech Da Vinci Exhibition, together with the Solar Divine Bird and Panda, Reveal the Beauty of the Abundant Land

Adopting the high-definition video provided by Da Vinci Museum in Italy and comprehensively applying micro-spray technology, physical model, 5D image, VR glasses, etc., the “Da Vinci IN Chengdu” exhibition will have a 3D presentation of Da Vinci’s talents, achievements and thoughts and also bring us into his marvelous world.

Additionally, based on the requirements of Chengdu Municipal Party Committee to build Chengdu into an international logo as a cultural and creative city, tourism city, sports city, international food city, music city and exhibition city and achieve the ambitious goal of enhancing the communication power of urban culture and the global exchange power, the art event will launch the core value of the culture of the abundant land to spur Chengdu to become the world renowned cultural city by fully making use of the internationalized concept of Da Vinci exhibition. For instance, the solar divine bird, an image logo of Chengdu with profound meaning, rigorous composition, smooth lines and great beauty is integrated into the overall design of main image of “Da Vinci IN Chengdu”, symbolizing that the collision of China-Europe civilization will release new vitality. The exhibition is divided into two parts, namely, Da Vinci exhibition and the exhibition of the culture of the abundant land. The former consists of ten exhibition areas, such as oil painting exhibition area, manuscript exhibition area, physical model area, 5D cinema, VR glass experience area, 360-degree mini cinema, immersive core cinema and so on. While, the latter has a concentrated display by focusing on the three main routes of “the Beauty of the Abundant Land”, namely, the beauty of the culture, art and inheritance of the abundant land.

There are not only 16 pieces of cultural relics housed in Jinsha Site Museum, the most representative museum in Chengdu, including the solar divine bird, the golden mask, the golden frog, the golden bracelet, jades, etc., representing the origin of the history of the abundant land, which is presented by AI interactive mode, but also 14 pieces of cherished embroideries of Zhang Daqian, one of the most representative celebrities in the abundant land. They represent the top-level arts in Chengdu and also exhibit the highest level of the cultural-inheritance technique of the abundant land, authentically achieving the integration and collision of Eastern and Western cultures and creating the “Five Hundred Years” space talk between Chinese and Italian masters. Besides, the presentation of vivid and clear panda sculpture and the typical Sichuan opera face-changing elements is also the highlight.


Eastern Suburb Memory Wins the Title of “Chengdu International Fashion Industrial Park” and is Absolutely Qualified as a Landmark of Cultural and Creative Parks

In the recent years, as the window of the cultural and creative industry of Chengdu Media Group, Eastern Suburb Memory has made great efforts to the promotion and upgrading of the form, format, culture and ecology by closely focusing on the “International”, “Fashion”, “Art” and “Green” orientation of the park launched by Chengdu Municipal Party Committee. Awarded as “National Music Industry Base”, “National Cultural Industry Demonstration Base”, “National Demonstration Base with the Integration of Technology and Culture”, “National Industrial Heritage”, “National AAAA Scenic Spot”, etc., Eastern Suburb Memory has introduced more than 110 high-quality enterprises referring to fashion, culture and creation, digital music, exhibition, culture-travel experience and so on, in which cultural and creative arts and fashion arts account for more than 75%. It has been constantly and successfully held “Chengdu International Sister Cities Youth Music Festival” for several years, Milan Fashion Week, Chanel Press Conference, BRICs Film Festival, Pompidou Biennale and other brand fashion activities here. There is no doubt that Eastern Suburb Memory has become a cultural and creative as well as fashionable landmark in Chengdu.

It’s significant for Eastern Suburb Memory to win the title of “Chengdu International Fashion Industrial Park” this time, which will further promote the transformation of Eastern Suburb Memory — from a regional park to an international park, from a music park to a fashion and art industrial park, from a traditional park to a smart and ecological park so as to build Eastern Suburb Memory into a reputable international fashion industrial park at home and broad, making more great contributions for Chengdu to become the domestic key cultural and creative center.

Culture is at the heart of urban development. It is not only a core element that contributes to Chengdu’s attractiveness, competitiveness, influence and soft power, but also an important driving force behind its innovation-driven development and economic transformation and upgrading.

Chengdu is currently utilizing culture so it can serve innovation, economic development, morale and brand building. It is set to evolve into an international metropolis of history and culture, and this international metropolis with a global vision and up to international standards will feature “the ancient Shu style”, promote “China’s image” and represent “international trends”. To this end, Chengdu has issued a series of programmatic documents such as the Action Plan for the Building of a Cultural Creation Center in Western China (2017-2022) and the Decisions on Promoting Chinese Civilization, Developing Tianfu Culture, and Accelerating the Building of a World-Famous City of Culture, according to which the media, creative design, modern fashion, music and art, cultural and sports tourism, information services, exhibition and advertising, and education consultation will be the eight key fields in the cultural creation industry.

As an important platform for cultural communications in Chengdu, the Chengdu Media Group is playing a leading role. It is passionately undertaking its mission, shouldering its responsibilities, and keeping its innovation spirits up to speed up the development of the cultural creation industry. The “Da Vinci in Chengdu” Global Light and Shadow Art Exhibition held by Eastern Suburb Memory is an attempt to build the “Three Cities & Capitals” and a world-famous city of culture and to integrate culture, commerce, tourism and sports. Tianfu culture characterized by “elegance and fashion” will serve as the guideline and Chengdu’s increased spending power regarding international fashion brands will be the goal in the drive to build an international fashion city and an international fashion commanding height up to high standards. The Eastern Suburb Memory Music Park will make a shift from a regional to an international park, from a music park to a fashion art industrial park, and from a traditional park to a smart ecological park.

A fashion industry commanding height built through further transformation and upgrading will offer much more in the future.

As an important vehicle for the “Three Cities & Capitals” and the only state-owned culture industrial park in Chengdu, Eastern Suburb Memory will further promote the transformation and upgrading of the Chengdu International Fashion Industrial Park after its establishment, highlight its orientation, move in the right direction, enhance the competitiveness of the industry, concentrate upscale international fashion art resources and high-grade talents, optimize the ecological environment of the cultural creation industry in Eastern Suburb Memory, and establish an international modern cultural creation industry system so that a commanding height in the fashion industry can eventually emerge to exert an impact on China and the world at large.

Specifically, the International Fashion Industrial Park will adopt the development strategy worked out by the CPC Chengdu Municipal Committee and Chengdu Municipal People’s Government for the building of the “Three Cities & Capitals” and the “World-Famous City of Culture” in its efforts to enhance the image of the industrial park in compliance with the principle of “equal emphasis on the inside and outside”. The International Fashion Industrial Park will step up its efforts in the following areas:

Industrial projects including the Star Drama Village, the Southwest-China Headquarters of Shenzhen Alliance Art Group and the Happy Doughnut have already commenced in the industrial park. The Star Drama Village project is expected to open three theaters to the public by the end of October 2019, which will be a powerful engine for the incubation of original local works of art and the education of talents engaged in original art. The Southwest-China Headquarters of Shenzhen Alliance Art Group will train large numbers of music talents for Chengdu through the introduction of teaching models, teaching courseware and music masters for the training of music talents, thus forming a complete industrial chain involving original music, music production, copyright trading, artist brokerage, music festival IP and international original music lists. The Happy Doughnut will enter the performing-arts center in September 2019 to stage regular performances and build the largest incubation base for original drama IP in West China, a drama training and experience center, a center for exchanges in drama culture, a music drama tribe, and hold drama culture theme exhibitions to roll out the drama-themed industry on a large scale.

In addition, the industrial park will also vigorously introduce world-renowned musical Cat, award-winning plays at the Edinburgh Drama Festival Andrew and Dorini and Reversing Gravity and other well-known works from home and abroad so as to continuously provide high-quality artistic feasts for the public and construct a commanding height in Chengdu for fashion culture consumption.

Meanwhile, the 2019 Chengdu International Sister Cities Youth Music Week and other major events will be held in the International Fashion Industrial Park. The “Chengdu International Sister Cities Youth Music Week” is sponsored by the Chengdu Municipal People’s Government and co-organized by the Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the Chengdu Municipal People’s Government, the Chenghua District People’s Government and the Chengdu Media Group. It is an influential youth music event featuring sister cities that lives up to international standards. At the end of July, the 2019 Chengdu International Sister Cities Youth Music Week will be held as scheduled. At that time, a special music performance will be held for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. It will also seize the opportunity that comes with the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Russia to add a special China-Russia music performance and promote Tianfu culture to the world with the help of the new media.

The Chengdu Municipal People’s Government and the CPC Chengdu Municipal Committee are making great efforts to achieve the strategic goal of building “A World-Famous City of Culture” and “Three Cities and Capitals”. Eastern Suburb Memory will go on new missions and shoulder new responsibilities, upgrade services, strive to excel, and play a leading role so as to give further support to Chengdu’s cultural creation project that aims to build a world-famous city of culture and a world-famous city of cultural creation and enhance the core competitiveness of Chengdu’s cultural creation industry on the global industrial chain and value chain.

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