BLVCK DIVMOND Innovates Modern Trade with New Currency

The BLVCK DIVMOND ERC-20 token is a first of its kind asset for Entrepreneurs/Creators around the world. Cryptocurrency is normally designed as a form of exchange and digital currency with fiat pumped into the core of the project to bring expected value for trading. The team at BLVCK DIVMOND has taken that concept of an ERC-20 token and flipped it – resulting in a first of its kind digital asset for BLVCK DIVMOND memberships.

BLVCK DIVMOND views this currency as an asset to your life, compared to traditional cryptocurrency, you would hold one (1) BLVCK DIVMOND that always keeps an equal value, at 18 decimals. BLVCK DIVMONDs will reward you with entrepreneurial benefits per every BLVCK DIVMOND token owned. The concept was established 6 months ago and is currently being developed to reward future holders. Obtaining a BLVCK DIVMOND is not easy, you would first need to receive one (1) ERC-20 BLVCK DIVMOND token from the organization itself, then a BLVCK DIVMOND account representative will verify it with via our Ethereum contract address. (*Provided below.)

Once you receive an official BLVCK DIVMOND ERC-20 token, you will be given a private email address to contact. This communication gives you the ability to communicate with your BLVCK DIVMOND account representative. An account representative will be able to help you verify your BLVCK DIVMOND in order to redeem your entrepreneurial rewards. Grant Michael Leingang, founder, said the reward design system will be based on a “1-5 DIVMOND” structure, each BLVCK DIVMOND would indicate entry to new rewards that each entrepreneur can use to create or benefit their life.

Our initial goal is to provide a progressive reward system. The vision of what makes the BLVCK DIVMOND ERC-20 token a favorable asset to your corporation is that we provide strong professional services that you would normally not receive from average consulting & development firms. By holding this asset, you would have access to an arsenal of development tools and teams that are on your side.

We suggest using the MetaMask browser extension to add BLVCK DIVMOND ERC-20 tokens to your personal Ethereum based wallet.


MetaMask Contract Address: 0xdad13a733ab503e587fe0942b0f6857ff0576224
Symbol: BLVK
Decimal: 18

Media Contact
Contact Person: Grant M. Leingang
Email: Send Email
Phone: 702-570-8220
Country: United States