RMM™ (READY MIX MORTAR) – the latest magical formula from MGS ASSOCIATES

RMM™ (READY MIX MORTAR) - the latest magical formula from MGS ASSOCIATES

Mr. Faisal Punnakadan of MGS ASSOCIATES hits the news with invention of the magical RMM™ (READY MIX MORTAR). It is primed to be an innovation to transform the building and construction industry

Already regarded as “a magical formula,” RMM™ (READY MIX MORTAR) is the latest invention from Mr. Faisal Punnakadan of MGS ASSOCIATES as he looks to transform the building and construction industry. The invention is aimed at easing the process involved in the building and construction industry easier and more profitable for the different stakeholders in the industry.

The building and construction industry remains one of the biggest industries and probably the most important of all the several industries. Building and construction is often seen as a complicated task, due to the processes involved. Consequently, large scale builders are currently facing all kinds of challenges as they look to satisfy the diverse needs of their customers. The launch of RMM™ is aimed at changing this narrative by combating sand adulteration, and helping users to save money and time by reducing labour and wastage. It will also help to improve the quality of construction, increase the life span of building and of course, offer an environment friendly solution and substitute to plain cement and sand.

The premium product is particularly customized to suit the needs of the construction industry, while also addressing the needs of a lay man by projecting an accurate cost per sq.Ft for Masonry, Plastering, Ceiling and Concrete works. This will also help to save money without compromising on quality, reliability, and sustainability.

Some of the award-winning solutions that RMM™ outsources to the building industry are briefly highlighted as follows:

  • RMM™ Ready-mix mortar Grade-2 used for concrete,
  • RMM™ Ceiling plastering ready-mix motor Grade-3
  • RMM™ Ready-mix mortar Grade-6 used for plastering
  • RMM™ Ready mix mortar Grade-8 for brick manufacturing, building foundation.

MGS Associates have also introduced other amazing products including:

  • RMM™ Ultra SBR Fit Bond – For tile bonding
  • RMM™ Mastic Aqua Cool Coat – For reducing heat
  • RMM™ ceramic tile adhesive for tile adhesive
  • RMM™ for fastening large Tile
  • RMM™ tile joint filter for waterproofing between tiles
  • RMM™ liquid modified tile grout admixture used for tiling in wet areas
  • RMM™ RMMLatex is a waterproof membrane that can be used in areas that are prone to watering.
  • RMM™ solid block (in different sizes)
  • RMM™ ready-to-use different mortar products with ISI Certification, Government approved.

The unique combination of high quality, affordability, and increased profitability has made RMM™ very popular in the industry, with huge acceptance in India and other parts of the world. RMM™ Cement, RMM™ TMT, RMM™ White Cement and RMM™ Wall Putty are also gaining strength and popularity.

Some of the projects that RMM™ products have been used in include The Lulu Convention Center, Highlight City Calicut, Tata, Kent Palm Vilas, Meridian Young Homes and Blossom Vilas.

Expectedly, MGS ASSOCIATES will be looking to partner up with interested foreign and Angel Investors as they look to take the solution global.

More information about RMM™ and other amazing solutions from Mr. Faisal Punnakadan and his team at MGS Associates can be found on their website.

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