Thinkair Alohan Highlighting New Album ‘Hybrid’

Thinkair Alohan Highlighting New Album \'Hybrid\'
The Afro R&B Album Features the New Single Oslo

July 11, 2019 – Drammen, Norway – It is unique to look at what is around surrounding the world of R&B as Thinkair Alohan makes himself an outstanding and worthwhile name. Thinkair is an artist, composer, and songwriter who is particularly unique. He is highlighting his new 2019 album Hybrid, a song featuring the new track Oslo and Don’t you give up.

Thinkair Alohan is a Nigerian-born artist who is currently based in Norway. He brings a mix of afro accents with uplifting lyrical content and unique singing that creates an inspiring and outstanding sound. The work that Alohan produces focuses on identifying unique sounds and atmospheres that focus on motivating, uplifting, and at the same time, entertaining the listener.

Hybrid is an appealing album that features an electronic-inspired Afro pop and reggae that features lyrical content that will inspire and influence anyone who enjoys the work. This includes highlighting some great ways of how people can have fun while enriching their souls with good music.

Thank God It’s Friday was the first single to be released, with Oslo being the newest one. The next track schedule to be released is ‘Don’t you give up’ on the 30th of June. This track promises to be one of the world number one inspiration and uplifting as well as entertaining! The production value is brilliantly executed and showcases very multifaceted angles of Thinkair Alohan vocals and songwriting talent in a very contemporaneous way. His charisma is magnetic, his image is bright and his presence brings forth a very inspirational aura that really gets you to listen and understand ThinkAir in the most effective way.

The song ‘DON’T YOU GIVE UP’, is accompanied by cinematic music video now officially released at THINKAIR ALOHAN youtube channel (

In the music video, we get the perfect demonstration of the overall picture that is painted with The HYBRID Album and the emotion that is carried with it. The music has a mainstream electronic/Reggae flow, and resonates beautifully with ThinkAir vocal structures and lyrical projections. And overall, the picture that is painted is quite the masterpiece when you let the songs reach your heart.

The best part of what Thinkair offers is that he has plenty of great songs that are very positive and upbeat in activity. The excitement that comes with Thinkair’s music makes him very appealing to those who want to find attractive songs and tunes, but the interesting styles involved are worth noting in particular.

The general positivity of what Thinkair Alohan has to offer should be noted in particular. It is exciting to see how well different tracks can be produced and that they may be ready in many forms.

The music of Thinkair Alohan is available on several digital music retailers and streaming platforms, as well as Thinkair’s social media site and his personal website. Search for Thinkair Alohan on Spotify, iTunes, Beatport, and YouTube among other sites. We do hope that Thinkair Alohan’s music will be a favorite of yours before the year is out.








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