EMJAC is launching blockchain platform “Wealth-to-Waste” to neutralize the Global waste tire pollution problem

EMJAC’s initiative is to give a new boost to earth conservation by creating a new market using distributed ledger technology to manage global waste tire supply, recycling and reduce illegal dumped waste tires.

Perak, Malaysia – The EMJAC blockchain aspires to position itself as a pioneer of the “Waste-to-Wealth” movement to promote recycling and the production of renewable energy.

According to her founder, M.K Kwan, the creation of the EMJAC token envisions to trace global waste tire movement and trade the recycled renewable energy products provides both the decentralized landscape and energy consuming industries with a brand-new cheaper renewable energy business model that guarantees to conquer the Southeast Asian market first, and then the global markets.

The low biodegradability and high polluting index of waste tires have been a long running global problem and the “ULTIMATE SOLUTION” created by EMJAC was the Advanced Continuous Thermal Recovery Unit (TRU) process. This technology is an environmentally-friendly disintegration procedure, research and developed jointly by Evergreen Corporate Sdn. Bhd. (ECSB) and Shangqiu Jinpeng Industrial Co., Ltd (SJICL). The TRU will recycle 100% of the waste tires without the release of any harmful emissions. From each waste tire, the TRU will produce recycled diesel trapped in each waste tire which is a direct substitute for diesel derived from the petroleum industry and directly reduces the global carbon footprint.

The Green core-engine

The team in charge of the platform says users who acquire the EMJAC tokens to carry out digital transactions, trade for other liquid assets for its revaluation or execute payments through applications, will become the catalyst to increase usage of the TRU method, which in turn supports the token, making EMJAC an exclusive global “green” platform to track and trace the movements of waste tires worldwide, recycling activities and trading of the recycled energy products and commodities. It is EMJAC’s objective that the blockchain initiative will administer part of,if not the majority, the 2 billion waste tires generated annually around the world.

Global Waste Tire Pollution

The areas with most polluted air are located in the eastern Mediterranean and East Asia, as they have annual levels that exceed five times the limits established by the WHO, followed by medium and low-income cities in Africa and the western Pacific.

A study by the University of East Anglia (United Kingdom) urged tire manufacturers to increase their efforts in applying sustainable approaches to reduce the pollution caused by waste tires. Due to the increasing production and usage of tires worldwide, the annual global number of waste tires is increasing at an alarming rate whereby the recycling capacity needs to be increased using the “green & clean” method.

Leaders of the ERC20-protocol platform are confident their strategy will be able to expand around the globe, starting from the “umbrella objective” from Malaysia and growing towards other Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Thailand and consequently adopt it in every waste tire generating country around the world.

Following the technology

The chemical composition of each waste tire is around 90% carbon and 10% of steel wires, which makes it viable to be reused, however, the challenge recycling facilities around the world have been facing until now was to create a cost economical and “green” method to recycle the waste tires.

TRU achieves this task by doing the “opposite” to the manufacturing process, which is “removing the sulfur from rubber tires to recover the raw material and transform it,” Kwan explains. On the other hand, EMJAC states that 45% of Euro 2 synthetic diesel, 35% of refined carbon black, 10% of steel wire and 10% synthetic gas or syngas are obtained from TRU technology.

We discovered the formula of promoting waste tire recycling and earth conservation which at the same time benefits governments, sellers, buyers and investor within the EMJAC blockchain ecosystem, meaning we are creating value and at the same as saving the planet, and we are very proud of that.” – Chu Wong.

Initial Exchange Offer

It’s expected that the pre-IEO, which will consist of 350,000,000 EMJ tokens, will start in early August 2019, which can be acquired using the ETH/ BTC/ USDC/ EUR currencies. Users who wish to obtain more information about EMJAC IEO can get whitelisted or communicate through their official channels.

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