Nishino Akihiro’s Announces the Release of New Picture Book Tick-tack Yakusoku no Tokeidai (Tic Tac Promised Clock Stand)

This unique picture book features exceptional artwork that combines creativity, skill and entertainment in one place for children and even adults

Tokyo, Japan – Famous Japanese comedian, actor and children’s book author/illustrator Nishino Akihiro proudly announces his new illustration picture book titled Tick-tack Yakusoku no Tokeidai (Tic Tac Promised Clock Stand) which is now available for order.

The book is a story of two extremes – a cruel, yet beautiful story. In the firefly forest on the edge of the town, there is a mysterious clock tower that stops at 11:59 even though it is not broken. The clock tower is home to the hen ‘Tac Tuck” of the genk’s jiji. Many years ago, when Tic Tac was younger, a certain orphan girl came to visit here. Her name is Nina. Tic Tac and Nina promised to hear the sound of the bell at midnight on this clock tower together. But that promise did not come true.

Because, “a bird of fire” has come to the forest. Why did the clock stand stop at 11:59? When you understand the reason, you will always tear.

One of Nishino’s best work yet, the book contains incredible picture imagery of a beautiful magical world with fairy scenes and characters that help tell the story about the Tic Tac Promised Clock Stand. Children and adults alike can enjoy this classic as characters jump to life and create an exciting albeit sad story that cannot be forgotten in a hurry.

This picture book’s exceptional artwork was designed by Nishino Akihiro who with his team have contributed more than 50 hours creating this. The Tic Tac Promised Clock Stand is one of the most exciting picture books from Nishino Akihiro now on the Amazon book store.

Here are what some readers say about the book:

“Tac Promise clock deck is a book that you want to give to your loved ones! When I listened to the story at the product presentation, my tears didn’t stop. And thus, tried to actually get it as a book. The synergy between the story and the picture was more than I had imagined!”
– Kayoko Matsumoto

“It is more for adults than “Pupel of Entotsu town”, because it is explained intelligibly. The contents are also fun for children. The picture is very beautiful and the packaging is fashionable!”
– Asayama Kenta

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About Nishino Akihiro:

Born in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan in 1980. Nishino is well known as a comedian. TV personality and successful author in Japan. His wide range of literally activities are highly praised. He is well recognized for his picture books. Of Akihiro Nishino’s works, over 500 thousand copies have been sold so far, making him a best-seller in Japan.

He’ not just into  illustration books alone but he is also a writer of Business books which include “Magic Compass”, “Revolutionary Fanfare”, “New World”, and coauthor of “Don’t keep up with stupidity”, which is a best-seller with over 100,000 copies.

He dedicates his whole leisure time to free painting, graphics and illustrating  books. Find out about him, his exhibitions and more on his website

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