Nextainment media in a subsidiary of Nextainment group obtained 370 million yuan of series A financing

Led by the investment of zhongyuan capital and yao capital, super IP operator Nextainment media announced to the outside world that they have received 370 million yuan in series A financing according to the report. And the Hexin capital, Toutoushidao capital and Huaying capital follow the investment. At the same time, the financial adviser is Helin capital.

Founded in 2016, Nextainment media is an independent content brand under the banner of Nextainment group. Its position is super IP operators based on big data.

“The content market and the text market count out hundreds of billions, but  it’s in the trillions once IP is combined with business. However, there is no company with IP as its core in China.” Lin ning, CEO of Nextainment group, once expressed his opinion in an interview: “Everyone talks about IP, but they do things of trading IP rather than developing IP.”

Nextainment media is based on the analysis of big data of pan-entertainment users,which includes “multi-text development”, “multi-channel publicity and distribution” and “multi-business realization”, conducting three modes of operation around the head IP ,which realizes the commercial value in an all-round way and develops a variety of entertainment products such as drama series, movies, animation dramas, games, derivatives and offline entertainment. Based on the insight of consumption big data, precise definition , planning of super IP and other innovative modes, diversified marketing means will better meet the market’s unprecedented demand for high-quality content.


At the moment, Nextainment media is developing a 60-episode super series called 《Twelve hours in Changan》 ,which is based on Ma boyong’s popular novels, as well as a series of drama which has the same name as  《Nanyanzhai Records》,the “golden dragon award” winner. In addition, there are more than 20 ips in continuous operating and developing. They include the series of 《Strange detective league》 directed by Wei-min Ye,《Xishi》and《Tanshanhai》directed and co-produced with famous spy novel writer Hai Fei, the series of 《Weight Loss》 from popular author Xiong Dun , as well as original IP such as 《The Game of the God of the East》and 《The Game of Wine God》. “Really good IP may take seven or eight years or more to build,” says Mr. Lining, “But only with the formation of super IP, we can achieve comprehensive business value in the field of derivatives.”

According to Linning’s plan, Nextainment media will create head content and enlarge the value of IP, realize the whole IP platform, made derivatives, promoted multiple channels and then realized the final realization — in the end it is the Disney’s business which we are familiar with. He said, “Everyone knows that 40 to 50 percent of revenue in Disney comes from the back end, such as the them parks for example. The revenue and IP of Disney all have been accumulated for decades and hundreds of years.

Channels are not unimportant in Linning’s model, but content and IP are cores. “The core of the industry is content, and channels are an important way to get into the industry. But people who have IP are probably more stable than channel companies, because people in the channel companies challenge you all the time, but having IP means you own it in perpetuity.”

Linning has a clear “road map” for the continuous operation of IP– while taking high-quality IP as the core, we develop and apply the televisions, the games, the animations and the derivatives at the same time, realizing the integrated development of IP and the coordinated development of fan economy and improving the pan-entertainment ecology of entertainment culture continuously. With the rise of mobile Internet and the advent of fan economy, the efforts to improve the influence of IP of Linning and Nextainment media  will be worthy of further attention from the outside world.

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