Foodkum Highlighting Great Foods for Arab Readers

The Website Highlights New Trends in Foods For All To Follow

July 12, 2019 – Cairo – The Foodkum has opened up as a site that offers information on healthy foods for Arab readers. The new website is under the management of Info Kalemat LLC, which is currently registered in Egypt. This is an adaptation of an earlier site that has been helping people in recent years surrounding how people can find useful foods for their living needs.

The general focus on Foodkum is to help with getting people to learn about nutritional foods around the Middle East. The site was formed as in 2010 and was changed to www.فوائد.net in 2014. The current Foodkum name was established in 2019.

The important point about Foodkum is that it helps educate people in the Middle East, particularly those who speak and read Arabic, about healthy foods for their lives. There haven’t been any Arabic websites that offer such a service. Millions of people have visited the site since it formed, and today the new name for the site will help bring in more people.

The website provides thorough details on everything that people can benefit from. The information entails various points on foods that people can enjoy for all their living needs. The detailed information on the site will help people learn about what may work for their food needs.

It will be easier for people to find information on great foods that work for their living needs through With there not being far too many places out there where people can learn about healthy foods, people will take all the information they can get on what is out there for their lives. The Foodkum website will help people with finding details on the healthy foods that they need in their lives.

Additional details on what people can explore on the Foodkum website and updates on many of the intriguing things of value for foods can be found at The group operating the site is also looking for additional investors to help with getting the site to move forward and to potentially reach an even larger market that wants to learn more about what’s around.

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