Pine Platform Emerging As Most Robust Blockchain & Fintech Company

Pine Platform Emerging As Most Robust Blockchain & Fintech Company

July 13, 2019 – PINE PLATFORM was established as a fintech company to play a leading role in the 4th industrial revolution. By developing the Root Chain Project with Pine Platform’s proprietary technology, it has mounted an advanced masternode compensation system named, ‘Prot Masternode Platform’. In particular, Pine Platform established a blockchain based R&D institute to develop various technologies in the 4th industrial revolution. 

The emergence of fintech shows that consumers’ consumption patterns have shifted to mobile, and customized financial services are now becoming more available to consumers through big data analysis. Fintech has naturally occurred with e-commerce and financial services usage skyrocketing. PROT Coin Consortium Fintech provides a variety of practical financing services such as lending, big data, platform, crowdfunding and are developing the PROT platform to make it into a fintech hub platform. 

PROT Coin’s fintech can be largely divided into four characteristics which are critical to a fintech hub platform: simplicity, security, economic efficiency, and speed. 

A majority of cryptocurrencies were developed around a community of developers overlooking mass adoption. Proof of payment was not intuitive and application methods were only available to engineers. It also provided a different user experience than the traditional popular means of payment and the process of synchronizing blocks did not even provide clarity to the engineers. However, the simplicity of PROT means that payment, remittance, and warranties via cryptocurrencies are easier to use than popular magnetic-based card payments. The methods that communicate with the core will be wrapped and provided in json format and will support synchronous communication in conjunction with fast processing speed. 

With its own mainnet already created, many investors and crypto-aficionados are putting Pine Platform in the spotlight of the blockchain industry.

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