Homeowners Keep Their Homes Cool and Comfortable Throughout the Changing Seasons

Homeowners Keep Their Homes Cool and Comfortable Throughout the Changing Seasons

There are many different ways to keep your HVAC unit running properly and rest assured your house will stay cool during the change of season. Maintenance of your unit greatly reduces the chance that it will stop working unexpectedly, especially on the really hot and humid days. It also keeps your energy bill lower and will extend the life of your unit.

Installation of a Smart Thermostat and sensors throughout the home are recommended. This device will sense your presence and control the air conditioner’s activity. The thermostat will save you at least 10% off of your heating and cooling bills. The Smart thermostat also goes by your current local weather, which plays a huge factor in whether your unit needs to be on or off.

The easiest way to keep your unit running great throughout the year is to change the filter. It is simple and easy to do all by yourself or you can contact https://allenkelly.com/ to have it done professionally. It is a paper filter that basically just sits between the return vent and the unit’s main intake. The filter traps dust, dirt, and airborne particles such as unwanted pollen in the air. A clean filter will offer a smooth airflow intake. Typically, you change your filter two times a year, usually between spring and fall. You can schedule yearly maintenance with Allen Kelly & Company, Inc. that will keep your unit running up to par.

Outdoor maintenance plays a big factor in how your unit runs as well. You will want to check the outside of the unit for any debris or leaf build up and remove them from the unit. You can inspect the coil for any holes or leaks from normal wear and tear. While the unit is running, you can look at the fan blade to make sure it is stable. If it is wobbly, then you will need to get a blade repair for your unit to run effectively. For more information, you can click for site here.

There are a few other ways to keep your house cool during the summer months. You will want to check and make sure that your attic is fully ventilated. Pull back your drapes or close your blinds during the hottest periods of the day. This will block the sunlight from coming into your home, in turn making it cooler and more comfortable. Ceiling fans are a great way to circulate the air throughout the entire home to keep it cool. If you have an outdoor grill, you may want to cook outside instead of using the oven or stove because it will heat up the house.

When all else fails, you can call in a professional HVAC technician that is licensed and certified. An expert can tackle many issues with your unit quickly and have it up and running in no time at all. Remember, it is crucial that you maintain your unit to keep you and your family cool all summer long.

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