Ionic-Paint Additive Addresses the Dangers of Cat Urine

Ionic-Paint Additive Addresses the Dangers of Cat Urine
Cat urine is more than just a foul-smelling odor – it’s also the cause of several serious health issues.

Palm Coast, FL – It’s projected that there are more with 86 million household cats in the US.  Urine odors are an ongoing problem; candles and sprays are temporary fixes which have to be replaced when they run out.  And while cat litter boxes are recognized as being intrusive due to the unpleasant odors, it’s a seemingly small price to pay for most cat owners.

But that obnoxious smell is not just a harmless nuisance. According to experts, cat urine is a major health hazard, and the odor should be removed from the homes environment. Fortunately, this does not involve having to get rid of the cat.

Ionic-Paint Additive has been in the business of eliminating toxic smoking and cat urine odors for 11 years. According to founder Vincent Valles, the smell of cat urine is a huge problem in countless homes across the U.S. Air sprays, fabric sprays, candles, essential oils and baking soda only work as a temporary fix.  And people shouldn’t assume that if the odor has for the most part disappeared that the dangers are gone.

“Odors are composed of microscopic particles. So, if you can smell cat urine, you’re inhaling it,” says Valles.

Cat urine consists of urea, creatine, uric acid, detoxified substances, sodium chloride and electrolytes. When bacteria start to break down the urine components, an ammonia smell kicks in, which is followed by the creation of mercaptans. That’s when the smell becomes most pungent.

Breathing in ammonia can trigger health problems in people who are already suffering from respiratory problems such as bronchitis or asthma. But even overall healthy individuals can experience an allergic reaction if exposed, with side effects that include runny noses, red eyes, itchy skin, rashes, and more.

Ionic-Paint Additive has helped thousands of happy customers eliminate the problem permanently with their renowned paint additive. The powder is mixed in with interior house paint and applied to the interior walls of the home. Treated wall surfaces remain effective for the life of the paint, usually 8 to 12 years, and no electricity, filters, or servicing are required. This remarkably effective solution is based onair ionization, which is described in further detail on the website.

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Ionic-Paint Additive by Air-ReNu improves indoor air quality and eliminates offensive smoking, cat urine odors and dust particles by transforming interior walls into a permanent air purification system, for less than 10 cents per square foot.

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